Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorite Bedding 

I honestly had no idea how much I loved to sleep until after I had kids. Sleep, oh glorious sleep, I love it. In fact, i would like to spend more time sleeping. Some people have told me a realistic expectation for that is around 18 years postpartum. I’ll be over here waiting like 😴.

In the meantime, I’ll just have a pretty bed that only gets lightly used. I took the advice of many people today and checked out the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Turns out they weren’t kidding! It’s absolutely fabulous! You have to sign up for their card to be granted access but after perusing the sneak peak it’s worth it and then some for the huge selection of on sale items.

Our master bedroom is only partially decorated so I found some really beautiful options that could be a great starting point in the room. Now how to decide which direction to go.  🤔

  1. Medallion Comforter & Sham Set PERI HOME
  2. ‘Layla’ Linen Duvet Cover POM POM AT HOME
  3. Chenille Scallop Duvet Cover PERI HOME
  4. Nordstrom at Home ‘Chloe’ Duvet Bedding Collection
  5. ‘Cady’ Smocked Weave Duvet Cover NORDSTROM AT HOME
  6. Avanti Quilt LEVTEX

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