Bar Stool Wreaths 

I shared this super easy tutorial on my Insta stories the other day. 

All you need for this project is a wreath for each chair and some ribbon. I bought all my materials including the finished wreaths at Joann Store. 
I found some similiar ones that would be beautiful as well.

My barstools are by Ashley Furniture and can be purchased here. They are very affordable and are beautiful! 



Here is how my wreaths looked at first. 

Tie the ribbon around the chair in a knot, tight enough to support the wreath. 

Next I tied ribbon to the wreath for added impact, and uses the two hanging knot pieces from the step before to tie the wreath on. I did a simple knot and molded the ribbon to look like all part of the same bow. 

The final step was adding the skinnier red bow for further dimension. So quick and easy! Small wreath and usually inexpensive to find, but also would be an easy DIY. 

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