Kid’s Gift Guide

I may be a little behind with my Santa shopping, but there is still time to receive these ( with the except of the puzzle 😭) before Christmas.

    1. Melissa & Doug Dust Swept Mopt- My kids love to help clean, but they typically look like they are wrangling an anaconda. These should be a little more managable.
      1. Sleeping bags- I shared that I bought my girls sleeping bags at Home Goods. These two are super adorable as well. I dont have boys, but I know my nephew would love this Star Wars storm trooper sleeping bag.
      1. Marble run- At our physical therapist office they have this toy. My daughter loves it and it doubles as a physical tool. They are forced to squat up and down as they marbles go down. Hopefully, once its in our home it wont loose it’s luster. Let’s get real, kids always play with other peoples’ toys better. Fingers crossed.
      1. Scissor Practice- A great activity book that is a little different than the drawing or writing ones.
      1. Magnetic blocks- My girls love blocks and I have only heard good things about these. Looking forward to seeing if they like these as much.
      1. Balance bike- We bought my three year old a bike but she can not manage to pedal just yet. This bike I think would be a better option for her age.

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