Lake Party Challenge

On a little slice of lake heaven, there sits a tiny lake cottage that we renovated a few years ago. We love having family and friends up to enjoy it along with us. 

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If you’ve been following along with me lately, I’ve been participating in 4 shopping challenges with Christmas Tree Shops And That. The first challenge was a living room bookshelf spruce, you can find the post here

The second was a $100 beach challenge, where I got my family ready for the beach for only $100 ….thanks to the amazing prices and selection at And That. You can find that post here

The third, and current, shopping challenge is to throw a lake party for $100. Summertime and lake parties just go together, like hotdogs and ketchup. 

 I entered this challenge very confident after my beach trip challenge.  
My idea of a lake party is easy finger foods, leisurely enjoyed on the dock. Tack a few string lights up and the mood is set. I’m constantly impressed by the large selection of string lights at And That. To shop their string lights click here. 

You may not realize And That offers a large variety of gormet foods for home enjoyment and partying. I sadly couldn’t pick up any of the wine or beer they had in store, but I was impressed with the large selection. They had some local varieties of beer and hard cider that I can’t wait to try after I have this baby boy. 

I stuck to some yummy sweet tea with fresh lemons for now. I picked up this package of half and half “lemonade and tea” mix to try in the new infusion pitcher I got as well for the challenge. I won’t list all the prices like I did on the last challenge but I did achieve my goal! Only $100 for an awesome party! 

There was quite the selection of gormet dip mixes, chips, and salsas in store to choose from. To shop the online selection of gormet food, click here. 

 I decided to make a basic ranch dip with chips. I did pick up some carrots and celery to go with it as well. 

Being pregnant probably drives my sweet tooth a little more than normal, so I made sure to stock up on some yummy treats for our party. 

Pregnant or not though, can you have a lake party without s’mores?! I got all the s’mores supplies from And That; including some gormet chocolates to fancy them up a little bit. They even had the roasting sticks for the marshmallows! 
There’s no doubt the s’mores the merrier!

I snatched the adorable lake napkins as well along with the cute “lake” themed signs I have sprinkled throughout. To shop the “Lake & Lodge” seasonal items on the And That website click here. 

The little row, boat votive is beyond adorable! There were so many cute options for tabletops! I made sure to grab some citronella candles because they look cute, but are also 100% functional. I chose these galvanized metal ones, but there were a ton of colors and sizes to choose from for bug protection. No mosquitos at our lake party please! 

We made dirt cups with fish “bait” for a sweet treat. Hands down these gummy worms and gummy fish are the best I have ever had. The gormet candy selection at And That is really great. 

I couldn’t stop eating these worms! I’m going back for more. 

I didn’t intend to buy this adorable macrame pouf, but it was on sale and it actually fit into my $100 budget! And That really does have killer prices in home decor! The table cloth was also on clearance helping to complete my goal. It’s so pretty and perfect for my summer lake party theme. 

The party didn’t stop with the sunset, but we did eat most of the food by then. The candles helped to keep the bugs away and our bellies were full from all the delicious food! 

I will definitely be using And That for future parties. Staying on budget, while throwing an awesome party will make you the hostess with the mistress eveytime. 

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