From the moment I found our house plans I  began thinking about the kitchen. I have an affinity for country French styling but don't always love intense distressing and it can also can be too fancy, smancy looking for my taste as well. Our house is a craftsman by definition, but has some softer features [...]

Girl’s Playroom

Staying home with my girls means tons of time in our play room.  Once a day at least my oldest packs her things up, puts her shoes on, and waves goodbye to Mama on her way out to the store so I wanted her to give her the full experience. 👇🏼 I crave organization and [...]

Designer by…

Designer by…

To complete the title a couple of years ago I would have said "designer by day." However, now, in my busy life as a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls the "by day" part usually turns into "by night" or not at all. I love my girls and made a choice to delay [...]