I only started a blog a short time ago but I have loved every moment of this new adventure. Thank you so much for joining me here in my creative space.

I love sharing all my favorite tips and ideas with you and have recently decided to make a business out of this passion. I will make a small commission when something is bought through the links on my site. I am currently not affiliated with any one brand but use a few different companies to help me do this.

One in particular I link many products to is Amazong. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. When you click a link I share I may earn a commission from that purchase.

On the right of my site (very bottom if you’re on your phone –> click to expand) and you’ll find the link to a disclosure policy, in accordance with the FTC.

I will always share my complete honest opinions on any products I recommend. I love helping other people bring their ideas to life and think the blogging world helps to connect real people in real time to better their real life. Online shopping is the shopping of our future and what better way to find the perfect items than when someone has already given it their stamp of approval.

If I am still shopping or find a good deal I may share them from time to time but I will let you know if I have actually used a product, have been gifted a product to try, or have yet to try.

I am always looking for new partnerships and collaborations so feel free to email any ideas or questions.

I want this to be a community of enhancement and positive vibes, I reserve the right to remove any comments that don’t fall into these categories.

Thank you so much for the amazing support!