My Georgia Closet

I love fashion. Before I became a Mom I had no hesitation in rocking trendy styles and always tried to be cute. 

After becoming a Mom, fashion has become a challenge. I gained 50 lbs. with my first daughter and hadn’t finished working it off when I had my second daughter. I am finally back to where I started! Yay!

 I have realized, however, most of my old clothes don’t fit because I have a much different lifestyle. I have to be able to bend down and run after my girls. 

Someone please tell me how I used to wear hip hugging jeans? Annnnddddd, can someone shoot me back in time to shake the girl who thought she had love handles as a result of the jeans- not because there were ACTUAL love handles present. 

I have some of my favorite brands I shop at linked on their own pages. Click on the Menu above to find them. I hope it helps narrow down some fashion basics and fun items as well.