Playroom Update: Herringbone Planks & Faux Brick Wall 

Wallpaper has become my favorite way to update a space. I used these wood wallpaper planks for a project in our dining room and was in love with how it turned out. You can see the dining room built in update here

Our playroom started very pink. You can see my first post on our playroom here. I wanted to update for the baby boy we’ll be welcoming in January. Less pink, more neutral was my goal. 

I decided to use the remaining material I had leftover to do a little accent area in our playroom. I got these PLAY letters from Hobby Lobby to finish it out. 

To start (I didn’t do it exactly this way, but wish I had ) lay out a box on the wall with painters tape. It will help get the pattern started having outer lines. Essentially it will just be a big rectangle. 

Start in one corner and lay the wood plank wallpaper piece diagonally across the box. You could have it go all the way or create a triangle for the pattern to be more dramatic. The angles aren’t necessarily important as long as you keep going the same way. 

On one of my many trips to Target during this wallpaper process (the brick too not just the wood part) I grabbed the wrong color. There are two colors of the wood planks: a more brownish one and one with more gray. I decideded mixing them would be easier than going back to the store and I actually love the extra contrast. 

The picture above, shows all brown.  The one below shows how the mixture of the two turned out. 

To purchase the (Gray) click here: Devine Color Reclaimed Wood Peel & Stick Wallpaper – Mirage

To purchase the (Brown) click here: Devine Color Reclaimed Wood Peel & Stick Wallpaper – Twig and Buck

Around the edges I used a razor blade to trim where it needed to be. 

The final step was taking straight pieces and creating a frame to cover the edges of herringbone. Already shown in the picture above. 

The tape makes this process easier because you have already marked a straight outside line. 

Attach the final frame pieces, and you have a beautiful, custom wall sign that didn’t cost much and can be easily removed if needed. 

Brick Wallpaper 

The brick wallpaper would have be easiest to lay first in straight lines up and down the wall. The issue is, with the peel and stick wallpaper, it can’t be layered so much. I wanted the wood planks to stick straight to the wall so that’s why I started with them and not the brick. 

The brick idea also came after and wasn’t originally in my plans at all. 

To purchase the brick wallpaper click here: Devine Color Textured Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper – White

Hanging peel and stick wallpaper is super simple, even having to trim around my “play” sign. 

I started in one corner and worked across the wall. Matching the pattern can be a little tricky, hence the weird spaces left at the top. I had to cut the matching area from another piece and piece it all together. The brick hides lines very well so it’s a good wallpaper to practice with if it’s your first time. 

Around my “wood plank” I made sure the brick would be perfect aligned or long enough to slide under the edge. (The wood being the top edge) 

In order to do this you may have to carefully peel the very edges of the wood to allow the brick wallpaper to go under it. 

Once you complete all the surrounding areas and the rest of the wall you have a fabulous, custom wall without spending custom prices. 

My girls didn’t waste a moment getting acquainted with their updated playroom. 

Lake Party Challenge

On a little slice of lake heaven, there sits a tiny lake cottage that we renovated a few years ago. We love having family and friends up to enjoy it along with us. 

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops And That. Post may contain affiliate links. 

If you’ve been following along with me lately, I’ve been participating in 4 shopping challenges with Christmas Tree Shops And That. The first challenge was a living room bookshelf spruce, you can find the post here

The second was a $100 beach challenge, where I got my family ready for the beach for only $100 ….thanks to the amazing prices and selection at And That. You can find that post here

The third, and current, shopping challenge is to throw a lake party for $100. Summertime and lake parties just go together, like hotdogs and ketchup. 

 I entered this challenge very confident after my beach trip challenge.  
My idea of a lake party is easy finger foods, leisurely enjoyed on the dock. Tack a few string lights up and the mood is set. I’m constantly impressed by the large selection of string lights at And That. To shop their string lights click here. 

You may not realize And That offers a large variety of gormet foods for home enjoyment and partying. I sadly couldn’t pick up any of the wine or beer they had in store, but I was impressed with the large selection. They had some local varieties of beer and hard cider that I can’t wait to try after I have this baby boy. 

I stuck to some yummy sweet tea with fresh lemons for now. I picked up this package of half and half “lemonade and tea” mix to try in the new infusion pitcher I got as well for the challenge. I won’t list all the prices like I did on the last challenge but I did achieve my goal! Only $100 for an awesome party! 

There was quite the selection of gormet dip mixes, chips, and salsas in store to choose from. To shop the online selection of gormet food, click here. 

 I decided to make a basic ranch dip with chips. I did pick up some carrots and celery to go with it as well. 

Being pregnant probably drives my sweet tooth a little more than normal, so I made sure to stock up on some yummy treats for our party. 

Pregnant or not though, can you have a lake party without s’mores?! I got all the s’mores supplies from And That; including some gormet chocolates to fancy them up a little bit. They even had the roasting sticks for the marshmallows! 
There’s no doubt the s’mores the merrier!

I snatched the adorable lake napkins as well along with the cute “lake” themed signs I have sprinkled throughout. To shop the “Lake & Lodge” seasonal items on the And That website click here. 

The little row, boat votive is beyond adorable! There were so many cute options for tabletops! I made sure to grab some citronella candles because they look cute, but are also 100% functional. I chose these galvanized metal ones, but there were a ton of colors and sizes to choose from for bug protection. No mosquitos at our lake party please! 

We made dirt cups with fish “bait” for a sweet treat. Hands down these gummy worms and gummy fish are the best I have ever had. The gormet candy selection at And That is really great. 

I couldn’t stop eating these worms! I’m going back for more. 

I didn’t intend to buy this adorable macrame pouf, but it was on sale and it actually fit into my $100 budget! And That really does have killer prices in home decor! The table cloth was also on clearance helping to complete my goal. It’s so pretty and perfect for my summer lake party theme. 

The party didn’t stop with the sunset, but we did eat most of the food by then. The candles helped to keep the bugs away and our bellies were full from all the delicious food! 

I will definitely be using And That for future parties. Staying on budget, while throwing an awesome party will make you the hostess with the mistress eveytime. 

Beach Shopping Challenge

Over the next month, I signed up to do a few shopping challenges with Christmas Tree Shops And That. I kinda love a good challenge and who doesn’t like to shop? The first challenge was the living spruce I did a little over a week ago. I’ll link that post here, if you missed it. The second challenge is to get beach ready for $100.

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops And That. Post may contain affiliate links.

And That Kennesaw, Ga

Being familiar with And That, I knew I could pull off this $100 shopping challenge. They always have a huge selection of seasonal items all at really great prices. To shop And That’s summer and beach items just click here.

I had some basic items starting out I needed to fulfill like sunscreen and goggles, then the rest I wanted to get some fun items for my girls.

One of the first things I picked up in the store was this flamingo float. It can fit both my girls (it does say one seater, but they are still little) so it was a win-win for the price and dual usability.

This beauty rang in at only $19.99 so it’s a great place to start the price challenge.

The second items I snagged are the fabulous beach mats right above. They were only $6 each and I love the color and pattern. Sometimes a beach mat is more useful because the sand comes off easily and it doesn’t need to be washed. It also rolls up and has a handle, which, if you’ve been to the beach with kids you know your hands are full. Pop these babies over a shoulder and let’s go!

Next, I made my way to their sunscreen. They had a good selection, along with some brands I wasn’t familiar with. I didn’t have time to do the research on them today so I grabbed two Coppertone spray bottles. We are only going for the weekend so I think two will be enough. I spent $12 on both bottles.

I was tempted to snag that beach cart they had in the picture above too, but at $40 it didn’t fit into my budget today. I also wasn’t sure I could fit it in our car. If you’re in the market for one its an excellent price and looks super functional. You can buy this cart online here.

I went ahead and got a bottle of bug spray to have handy also. While being pregnant, its been hard to smell it so I got a tropical scent. They had all the familiar bug sprays, and even some mosquito repellent bracelets that were cool. I spent $6 on this bug spray.

If you are keeping track I am currently up to $50.

I added two beautiful, striped towels that were $9.99 each, two sand buckets $1 each, two pairs of goggles for $4, and a few other toys for a new grand total of $76.

They had quite a few beach toys, a ton of beach floats, and a good selection of beach towels at a really good price.

I decided to be really beach ready and grabbed a few snack items as well to round out my total. Two bags of goldfish, one bag of trailmix, and some super cute shell string lights later and I was right at $95.

The final items I got were these cute mermaid boogie boards that were $3 each so I actually went over to $101.  

I think it’s close enough though considering we are now beach ready!

My mermaids loved these! Now all I need to do is throw it all in a bag and hit the road!





Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 

This is my first time actually shopping early in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I waited to see what type of deals were to be had and realized I did in fact need to sign up.

As I receive my finds, I’ll give some real feedback so even if you don’t have a Nordstrom card you’ll be ready to shop when the sale opens to the public in a few days.

1. CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan

Color: Stone
My Size: Small TTS


2. Benton Ballet Flat: TORY BURCH

Color: Sea Shell Pink

My Size: 7.5 TTS


3. Lacie’ Faux Leather Duffel Bag: SOLE SOCIETY

Color: Mushroom

One Size


4. Small Creased Vase



5. Stitch Curve Hem Cardigan : BP

Color: Brown Cattail

Size: Small


6. Mamasana Live In Maternity Ankle Leggings: ZELLA

Color: Black

Size: Medium


7. Yacht’ Stripe Rug



8. Violet Genuine Calf Hair Mule: HALOGEN®

Size 7.5


9. Square Quatrefoil Mirror: ERA HOME

Color: Natural


10. Gazelle Sneaker: ADIDAS

Color: White/ off white/ white

My Size: 7.5


11. Eugene Rug: JAIPUR

Color: Gray Taupe


12. Long Open Front Cardi: TOPSHOP

Color: Rose

My Size: 6


13. Halogen Cashmere scarf


One size


14. Jersey Rope Throw


Color: Grey Owl


15. Tray Table with Casters



16. Original Tall’ Rain Boot: HUNTER

Color: Black/ Dark Slate

Size: 8

Stenciled Bathroom

The main reason I haven’t done a post on this bathroom is because it isn’t finished. It isn’t entirely my fault, but I am now approaching a year of an unfinished project. Palm to face. 

My first excuse is I didn’t have a ladder that worked in our super high ceiling, super weird shaped, small bathroom. Safety first people. I need to either buy a ladder that works, ladder suggestions welcome, or an assistant to hold our current ladder at the right angle while I climb to finish. 

My second excuse is I’m pregnant, and shouldn’t be around paint. I’m gonna go ahead and call this project won’t get finished until after this little baby boy graces us with his presence. 

In the meantime, I have had a ton of questions on how I did it so I’ll tell you how I shiplapped and stenciled 95% of my bathroom. 

This is the stencil I used. You can buy it here

My methods in here were actually experimental. I have used this exterior double sided tape before to hang light objects, but wasn’t sure how it would work to hang shiplap. My reasoning to use tape was because I didn’t have a nail gun, and if it worked it saves a step of filling nail holes anyway. 


  • Shiplap- 1/4” underlayment plywood (cut into 8” planks- Home Depot cuts it for you!) 
  • Scotch mounting tape 5lb
  • Chop saw or some saw to cut wood to length 
  • Tape measure 
  • Caulk
  • Paint 
  • Stencil 
  • Paint Roller

I started with the stencil after marking where I wanted my shiplap to run to. I wanted a wainscoting so I marked it at 48”.

I used Sherwin Williams Alabaster for the stencil and the wall color is Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray. 

The stencil took me a minute to figure out. I trimmed it down a little from how it arrived. I would line up the middle areas and sides to where it was almost touching the shape below or beside. It took time because if the stencil below wasn’t dry enough it could smudge. I also should have been better at removing paint from the stencil. At the end I had a build up of paint, so I would suggest wiping it along the way to prevent that. 

I can’t explain the random paint below the stencils. 

I stenciled and stenciled. 

I simultaneously decided to start adding this shiplap at this point. Maybe because I was tired of looking at that paint blob. 

Home Depot had ripped my plywood to the correct 8” planks, but I had to cut them to the correct length. Light switches and plates should be removed and the shiplap cut around the outlet and the cover replaced on top of the wood. 

I placed the double sided tape cut into approximately in 3” pieces every 6-12” on the back of the shiplap. Across the whole back of the board. 

Using a level, carefully attach it to the wall by pushing. You have to be very careful to place it to the wall level because there is no adjustment once the tape is stuck. 

Once I finally got my shiplap done I painted it using Sherwin Williams Alabaster. 

I still want to add some trim to the top of my shiplap and obviously finish the stencil. So long as you don’t look up all the way the bathroom looks great! 😉

Baby Number 3- Just a Mom

Did you see our announcement yesterday?! We are having a baby! My husband and I are beyond excited to spice things up with a baby BOY addition to our family! 

Many a comment has been made over the possibility we would end up with three girls. While, we were not as opposed as some to having a little girl tribe, some change is always a fun experience too. 

I’ve definitely identified with being a girl mom the last four years, all the pink and tutus.  Now, I am just a mom, mom, I am a kid mom. 

Instead of being covered solely with pink glitter, getting rogue jewelery making beads stuck between my toes, and not only loosing the real paci but also the baby doll’s paci 929 times….  I’ll be adding mud, trucks, farts and legos to the mix. Our playroom will need a definite pink tone down too, but after my sweet Presley’s reaction to the boy news I’ll let it all sink in before I start de- girlying our house. 

I felt like I didn’t know if I would be able to love my girls both enough when I was getting ready to have my second daughter. Like there wouldn’t be enough Mommy to go around. I have had that fear with this baby again, but I know he will fit into our family perfectly. This baby boy may not have been completely planned for, but God has blessed our family immensely. I’m excited for this journey into girl momming. Now I can’t wait to get the nursery started! 



Bookshelf Styling Tips 

At our old house we had two identical built ins to either side of our fireplace. They were the only display area in that house, so I had them all cutesy.  I packed it all up to move it to our new house, but never loved the way it all worked within our new bookshelf built-ins. 

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops And That. Post may contain affiliate links. 

I decided to focus on this space because it’s a center point of our home. I was asked to participate in some shopping challenges where I’ll go into the Christmas Tree Shops And That store with four unique missions. I knew I could dominate my challenges because Christmas Tree Shops And That has a huge variety of decorative items in all styles. I love farmhouse and boho styles of decor. I typically have a meshing of the two styles in my home. I decided the built in itself needed a little extra farmhouse charm before adding all the new decorations from And That. 

I had great success with my wallpaper plank project a couple months ago in our dining room. I knew I wanted to do the same in the living room, but decided to use a slightly different product: a shiplap white wallpaper. 

Adding any type of wallpaper or paint would add a lot to any book shelf. In certain spaces bold wallpaper can even be a super fun option. 

It was a very easy project. I talked more about how I did it on my post for the dining room built in, find that post here. On these, I laid the paper how it came instead of cutting it into planks. 

Styling Tips

 I made a short list of some go to decor items that work great with any style, and are easy to pair together for shelf styling. Just find pieces that fit your taste in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

  • Frames- Frames are a great way to fill built ins or bookshelves in a colorful, unique way. The options are endless. I was impressed with the selection and price of frames And That offered.  As my girls grow, our photos keep multiplying creating a need for more frames. I haven’t been good about pictures in our new house. I’m trying to add more in, and a bookshelf is a great place to for it. I found these beautiful blue frames to add a pop of color and texture. We have Xs kinda throughout our farmhouse styled home and these frames are the perfect match. Shop And That’s adorable frames here

  • Baskets- I love using different textures in my designs. Baskets are always a great and affordable way to bring some texture to a shelf or wall. I found these woven baskets that may have a coastal vibe, but I think also work for my farmhouse style as well. I got two to use on both sides of my bookshelves. Shop And That’s large selection of baskets online here

  • Faux Plants– Whether a flower or some greenery a faux plant can add so much to a space. Texture, color, dimension.. all the words. Andddddd they can’t die! They look pretty eternally. I chose some topiary balls and white peonies. 

  • Lights– This must have is a little unconventional in decorating, but lights can add so much to a space. Shelves can create a shadow and the beautiful decor can be shaded out. I decided to add a more whimsical touch with string lights. And That had a ton of options of string lights, in all different styles. I chose the dainty, fairy lights and strung them along my decor pieces. Shop And That’s large selection of string lights here. 

In addition to the shelf decor, I picked up a few textile pieces. My husband likes our air freezing cold, so I always need a throw blanket. These beauties below are light fabric for summer and were both under $15. This farmhouse basket is also avaible at And That, it works great to hold the throws and pillows, and I love that it has metal weaves along with the basket material. Shop And That’s throw selection here. 

Striped Blanket 

I couldn’t resist a matching pillow or two, too. Shop And That’s pillows here. 

Finally, my mantel couldn’t get left out so I grabbed some candle holders, topiary balls, and small lantern to spruce it up to match the newly styled shelves. The prices are unbelievable on all of this and I couldn’t be happier with how my living room spruce turned out. 

One final thing I love about And That is all the state gear they have. I got this Georgia plank, but they also had some cool pillows and other location based decor items that were great, and would make a great gift. Find a Christmas Tree Shops And That store here. 


Master Bathroom Tour 

I don’t get to spend nearly enough time in here. I never used to take baths, but then I became a Mama, and now I love a good bath. I have it all set up for an evening soak if my kids will just go to bed! Fingers crossed. 😉

Our bathroom is quite large. On one side we have double vanities and a bathtub. On the other we have a shower and a makeup vanity. 

We used wood plank tiles on the floor. It’s from Floor & Decor and is called Ronne Gris wood plank tile. We used Carerra marble in 6×24” rectangles laid in a subway pattern. For the floor and shower enclave we used Carerra hexagon tile mosaics. 

The paint colors are both Sherwin Williams: the walls are Sea Salt and the trim color is Alabaster. 

The shower has a bench, but we still don’t have a shower door. 

I have always wanted a makeup vanity area. It’s so nice being able to sit and dry my hair or do my makeup. 

We used oil rubbed bronze for our fixtures and hardware. 

If you need me I’ll be right here. 


Floor tile 

Hexagon Tile 

Rectangle Carerra 

Lighting Tour

One of the most cost saving areas you can manipulate when building a house is lighting. A light fixture can range easily from $50- $2,000+. There is a huge difference between those numbers, and when you have multiple to buy you can easily see how the savings can add up. My goal in our lighting budget was high impact on a low budget. We also made the switch in our new home to all LED lights. I have learned so much through the building process including: the many differences in light bulbs, the effect light has on mood, on energy, and health, on design, and finally the impact lighting can leave on you.


This post may contain affiliate links. Post is sponsored by Soraa Home.

I had general ideas of the kinds of lights I was thinking, but price helped dictate a lot of the decisions. Some of my favorite lighting suppliers are Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Overstock, World Market, and Amazon for lights.


When you see our house from the outside we have a pendant lantern along with a series of lantern style sconces.


In the foyer, as you enter our home we have a light fixture that is formal, but understated. I love the contrast between the crystals and wood ceiling.


You enter the living room to see my favorite fixture in our home. It was the largest and most expensive, but also still checked my high impact, lowish budget lighting goal. Other lights of this size can easily be thousands of dollars. This light seems to be an excellent quality.


The original light fixtures in our kitchen were beautiful, but they turned out to be high maintenance.I updated the shades, you can find the post here about that, but these are the original pendants.


Our breakfast nook light fixture comes in second of my favorites. I love the geometric pattern.


Our bathrooms will one day have a little transformation with lighting. You’re not technically allowed to hang chandeliers over tubs according to our building code, and we aren’t rebels just yet. 😉 For now I do have this small chandelier in our downstairs master, but none in the other bathrooms.


We do have some fun, and simple vanity fixtures in the bathrooms. I love a serious farmhouse look, but I tried to balance that with traditional vibes we won’t grow tired of.

Outside on our porches and in our bedrooms we have fans because, hello, Georgia. I love light fixtures in both of these spaces, but I like a cool breeze more.

We use all LED light bulbs in our home, even the Edison styled bulbs are LED. What I didn’t know before, was the importance of the type if LED lights you use in your home.

We all are all still new to the LED bulb takeover of modern electricity. It was only in 2014 that the official phasing out of incandescent was put into practice. LED lights have proven there benefit by being very efficient in homes everywhere. We stand testament to this; our bills are consistently cheaper than in our smaller, previous home.

Just like it takes a minute to get used to seeing the whiter & crisper light produced by an LED bulb, it also takes adjustment time to buy LED bulbs because they are more expensive compared to incandescent bulbs on the upfront cost. However, on the back end they last much longer, and are a ton cheaper to operate over their life. Like the required adjustments of thinking about LED bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs, we now need to open up more dialog about the differences between LED bulbs themselves. Every LED bulb on the market is not created equally. Most LED bulbs on the market emit a blue wavelength that can be negative towards our health at the wrong time.


Each morning the sun naturally has these blue wavelengths that signal your body to wake from your slumber. In the late afternoon, as the sun starts begin its decent, the beams lose the blue wavelengths. Your body’s response is growing tired with the change of light. Our bodies depend on light in a very synergistic way.

What if the light bulb you flip on when the sun is going down is blasting you with the same blue wavelengths that are signaling you to be awake each morning? Could LED lights be making us sleep worse? It’s something I just never even considered before learning about the Soraa Home Healthy LED Bulb with Zero Blue light.

Soraa Healthy light bulbs are the only LED bulbs on the market that contains 0 blue wavelengths. I personally don’t have an issue with sleep, I am a mother to young children, after all. Sleep is a commodity over here. I do, however, know quite a few people who struggle with the ability to fall, or stay asleep. Could improper light exposure be an underlying problem? It definitely makes me wonder how this exposure to blue wavelengths could affect our sleep patterns over time. Regular LED light bulbs are actually considered melatonin inhibitors. That doesn’t sound conducive to a healthy night’s rest.


In addition to being better for health, Soraa Home’s LED lights consistently rate highest for full color spectrum. Some LED lights have color gaps, or colors that are not accurately shown in the light produced by the inferior bulb. Soraa Home’s Radiant light bulb has no color gaps AND they are fully dimmable (WITHOUT the buzz, hallelujah), and are headache proof because they don’t flicker. If you have ever been a witness to a flickering LED light, it is stroke inducing. Overall, I am impressed with the quality and excellence Soraa Home has brought into the home lighting category. They have been lighting spaces, like high end retailers and museums for years and have now moved into lighting our homes. Their dedication to producing the best lighting is unparalleled.

You can view the whole line of Soraa Home Lighting on their website, click here.

There is a load of information about light effects on their website too if you are interested in reading more about their Soraa Healthy bulb, click here.

Shop Soraa Home Healthy light here, and they offer free shipping on orders over $50.
Shop the Soraa Home Radiant Light bulb here.

The rest of the sources in this post are shown below. Thanks for taking my lighting tour and have a wonderful day!


Faux Basket Pendant

This may be the easiest DIY I have ever done. 

I saw some awesome baskets at Joann’s Fabric and loved the shape and pattern of the weave. It screamed light pendant to me. There are so many ways you could even add light without wires. Small string lights or battery operated pick lights could be attached to make them operational. 

All the materials and equipment I used for this project was:

  1. Basket (s)
  2. Rope (mine is 1/2”) 
  3. Scissors  
  4. Command Hooks ( I used the 3lb) 
  5. Tape measure 

First take the end of your rope and weave it down and then back through the basket in even places on the basket. 

If your basket has no holes you would have to measure and drill/ cut the basket to allow the rope to go through.

Grab the two ends of the rope.

Tie it in a knot that’s taunt to the basket. Make sure it’s relatively even so the basket will hang straight. 

That’s it!! You made the pendant part! Now to hang it. 

I used Command Hooks because I’m not always the most decisive with my projects. I didn’t want to make holes and change my mind. The baskets are light weight so it’s no challenge for the hooks. I may make it permanent one day with screws or hooks, but not today. 😀

I started with the middle pendant, moved to the right and then measured for the left to make it all even. 

Easy peasy! Below I linked some basket that would work as pendants and some pre made basket styled pendants as well.