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My heart can hardly contain the excitement I am starting to feel for this baby boy’s arrival! Being the third baby I haven’t done much planning or thinking about what I need, at all. 

This post is sponsored by buybuy Baby. All opinions are my own. 

With my first, I had been reading and researching baby products for months at this point. I had everything all picked out for the nursery, and had many pieces of clothing washed and ready to go. My, how times have changed! Being completely unprepared changes nothing for how excited I am to meet him though! 

I am so glad I chose to do my registry here. I have been an avid buybuy Baby shopper with both my girls. I didn’t create a registry with my second, and there wasn’t a local store at the time I registered with my first. Better believe after it opened though, I went about a million times. 

Some of my favorite things about the store: 

  1. There is a huge variety of products. They literally have anything and everything you could want for a baby in store and an even bigger selection online. 
  2. They have excellent prices to begin with, but you can sign up to receive coupons that come monthly. I regularly have a 20% off one item coupon and sometimes even a $5 off the total purchase. 
  3. The registry process was SO fun and enjoyable. They even gave me a fun gift bag! 

Going into my registry appointment, I was fairly familiar with baby products and what types of things I would be needing with him based on my experience of being a mom X 2. However, the amazing consultant in store helped to answer many of my remaining questions and helped to fill in all the gaps. 

Baby Gear 

Infant Car Seat – We started our appointment with baby gear. I have been debating whether or not to use to my Britax infant crrier I had with my girls, or to get an updated version. ( I am fairly brand loyal to Britax car seats because they have such awesome safety rating.) 

There was one main thing I didn’t necessarily like about the infant carrier I have since day one, the straps had no place to go so they get stuck under the baby. It always felt a little fumbly digging them out from under a squishy baby. The new versions of the Britax car seats have a little groove that work great to hold the straps, henece my consideration in buying a new one. 

With my first, I received the Britax travel system as a baby shower gift. I absolutely loved the stroller and found, other than the strap delima I spoke of above, it has been a quality set that has served our family well. 

Here is my first (so little 😭) in our original Britax and below is the one sold currently. 

Both of my older girls (ages 2 and 4) are currently in the BRITAX® Boulevard ClickTight™ Convertible Car Seat . We love these seats! Through exploring all the options in store, my final decion for the infant seat delima is (drumroll…..) to use my old carrier for the time little man is squishy and needs to be carried in and out of the car in the carrier. 

Then, around 6-7 months (when he can sit up in a shopping cart and doesn’t need to be toted in the carrier) we will switch him into my oldest’s BRITAX® Boulevard ClickTight™ Convertible Car Seat (which can actually be used from birth on) and purchase the BRITAX Frontier® ClickTight Cool N Dry Collection Harness-2-Booster Seat for her to use up until she is 53” tall.

I love she’ll transition into a bigger seat that still has the five point harness for safety, AND we avoid buying a new infant carrier that will only be used a short time. #finalbaby 

I mentioned the BRITAX® Boulevard ClickTight™ Convertible Car Seat can be used from birth, which is a great option if you don’t think you’ll need the carrier. The seat would just stay in the car and baby would come out, as opposed to being able to take baby in carrier out. It’s an awesome seat! 


Having three kids 4 and under means that there will undoubtedly be a time all three children need stroller access. I was a little clueless on stroller solutions for three kids that weren’t the size of a bus, and could accommodate an infant carrier for the early days baby brother joins us. 

We had an umbrella double stroller, the Maclaren® Twin Triumph Double Stroller, that we very dumbly left at our resort on vacation last year. It would have been way too expensive to ship back, so we lost our only double stroller option. It wouldn’t have worked for an infant carrier or tiny baby anyway until they could hold their head up. However, it was a really great option for our older girls, and we really liked it for traveling.

Enter the need for a new double stroller. I have heard excellent things about the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with second seat. I loved all the features it offered:  infant seat adapter, adaptable to two seats for older kids (have to purchase the second seat separate), and option for glider board for an older child to stand and ride, and many options for different configurations. They had a floor model in store for an unbeatable price so I went ahead and grabbed it during the appointment in this gray color! 

Baby Carrier-
 I used a Baby K’tan with both my older girls and loved wearing them. When they were tiny, squishy newborns it was awesome for skin to skin and even grew with them to certain point. Once they got bigger I didn’t do very much baby wearing, but the need increased from one to two kids. I have a feeling this need will grow even more with three now. Mama still has to cook dinner and have hands after all. 

I chose an option I hadn’t heard of before, The Lillebaby® COMPLETE™ Airflow Baby Carrier. It’s similar to the Ergobaby Version, but offers more back support and doesn’t require any infant inserts. Unlike the K’tan soft carrier that has sizes based on the user- Mom and Dad would each need their own, this one adjusts and can be a one for all carrier. 

My pack-n- play I currently have has seen better days. It’s so hard to set up! I found this 4moms® Breeze Plus Playard that seems SO much easier to set up! I will probably have this set up downstairs somewhere for diaper changes and a safe place to leave the baby away from his sisters. They are great for travel, and when the baby starts moving they keep them contained when needed. 

Nursing, Feeding & Health

I used my pumping and feeding supplies for two babies now so I am going to get many new items for him. 

My favorite bottles were always Dr. Browns. We never had issues with gassy babies and I’m not sure if it’s the bottles to thank, but why rock the boat? 

This Dr. Brown’s® Options™ Glass Bottle Starter Set is a great kit to have. I do prefer glass bottles because plastic freaks me out, but we used both with our girls. I haven’t explored many other bottle options, but there are a ton of other good ones too. 

I also need new pumping bottles. This Medela® Breastmilk Feeding Gift Set is great starter kit and you can see what kinds you need as you pump. I stored my frozen milk in the little bags and had just enough pump bottles to use in between. 

We will need a new high chair with this baby because our current one the, Fisher-Price® Spacesaver High Chair sits on a regular chair and straps down. We only have four chairs at our table and have a bigger house so I am going to get a traditional high chair this time. 

This is my second daughter sitting in the space saver chair munching on some avocado. 

I really liked this Ingenuity™ Boutique Collection 3-in-1 Wood High Chair™ because it’s got a softer look than a plastic one and can also be used as a booster and toddler seat. 

Most people throw up a little in their mouth when they hear how a Fridababy NoseFrida® Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator functions. 

After all, sucking baby snot with your mouth does sound a little iffy. However, I can’t recommend this product more. Babies are bound to need things sucked from their nose and this is the product to do it. No, nothing goes into your mouth! 


Many of our toys are very pink. Both my girls loved their Fisher-Price® Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym, but since there are many cute pictures opportunities and lots of tummy time to be had on the early toys I plan to get this baby boy his own version of favorite toys. 

I chose this, carter’s™ My Ocean Friends Play gym, as well because it comes with a padded bottom making it better for our hardwoods. 

Beyond that we’re mostly good on toys. I added a couple more to my registry that the consultant recommended as favorites and it’s always good to have less expensive options for friends and families to buy. 

Bedding & Furniture 

My second daughter is still in her crib and I don’t want to rush her out of it seeing as she just recently started sleeping in regularly. I will need to buy a new crib and mattress for this baby. 

I did a ton of research with my first daughter and decided on an organic mattress for SIDS reduction purposes. I am going that route again and chose the Lullaby Earth® Breeze™ Breathable 2-Stage Crib Mattress

In terms of the crib I love the look of metal cribs right now. This bronze Little Seeds™ Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Crib is probably the winner and I love I can use a coupon on making it such a great price! It wasn’t in store but the selection online is great! 

I haven’t picked bedding out just yet but need to get on finalizing my decor ideas.
I used this Colgate Deluxe 2-Sided Contour Changing Pad with both my girls and since my second is not potty trained yet I plan to buy another for the babies room. 


I had a triaditonal little bath tub with my girls, but am planning to use this Munchkin® Clean™ Cradle Infant Bath Tub in Blue. The baby sits in the inclined basin and it supports their head to keep their ears out of the water. It seems much more efficient than our old one and I like I will be able to use it in our farmhouse sink too. 

I registered for hooded towels and wash clothes too which are a popular gift and I always felt like I didn’t have enough. 

Diaper Bag 

I had a regular diaper bag with my girls and sometimes it was hard to have it on my shoulder and carry the baby. I want to go the back pack route this time and this SKIP*HOP® Mainframe Wide Open Backpack Diaper Bag is so stylish! The color is super neutral, and it’s gender neutral enough my husband will carry it too. This color is not available online so the link will take you to the black option which is also great.

There are many more products on our buybuy Baby registry I won’t go in to too much detail on, but go check it out and let me know if you have any questions or see anything I’m missing! 

You can find our entire baby registry online. Just click the link, and explore our baby product selections. 

This post is sponsored by buybuy Baby. All opinions are my own. You can find my full disclosure here. 

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