Girly Pink Bathroom

This project taught me a few things about myself, I am bad at underestimating time, and I have a tendencies to do the “if you give a mouse a cookie ….” spiral on most things.

Below is how this space started!

Presley’s room was not the right color, so I changed that last fall by painting it white and then updated it a little thinking she would be starting school soon. Her room led me to the bathroom project, and while I didn’t start out with this vision, it’s built on itself to get here.

I started by adding the wainscoting which is just a 3″ common board from Home Depot.

The wood is attached with a nail gun or double

sided tape, and then screws are put where it will connect to the framing. It makes it very strong to hang hooks or anything from.

I decided since it was a bathroom below the trim, I wanted to add the subway tile wallpaper from Target. It isn’t perfect in real life, but it’s pretty close!

This wallpaper has a nice texture and shine to it which makes it look almost like real tile!

Subway Tile Wallpaper

After I got this part done I went on to another project. I couldn’t decide on the wallpaper above the wainscoting. At first, I picked out a leopard print and polka dot. Neither felt right so I walked away and came back. That’s when the bright and leafy Fresh Start paper from Wallblush stole my heart. It was a large print which I like, added lots of interest, but isn’t too busy.

Fresh Start Wallpaper

It took me a bit longer to finally get this one hung, but it was worth the wait. I willl say I don’t love peel and stick wallpaper. I now have a preference for the real thing, but I also think some of the designs are lacking on traditional paper.

Next I added these shelves to the toilet area for storage. These started dark, but I was able to sand them down to these nice natural color.

I added this other shelf I had thrifted many years ago to the middle section of the vanity. It’s great to throw things or for decor. Either way, it was $5 and I know one day it would have the perfect home.

The final step for the bathroom was the mirrors. Y’all followed me in stories trying to figure out if I was going to add balls to the mirror. When that failed, they got painted pink to match the door.

Round Mirror

Paint Colors

Trim: Alabaster SW

Doors: Rose Colored SW

The vision built over time for this bathroom, and it’s better than I probably could

have imagined at first. I know my girls will be getting lots and lots of use out of this space.

Some of my other favorites details include this darling trash can from Target. It adds the perfect beach boho vibe to the space. It also had a lid which is always clutch with little kids.

Trash Can

This YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL rug from Rich Class Decor is the perfect mix of style and encouragement! I love that my girls will be greeted with this message each day and night.

Hope you enjoyed watching this bathroom transform!

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  1. 5.19.20
    Nancy Browm said:

    Love the doors, were they custom made?

    • 5.19.20
      queenofthepalas said:

      Yes I made them! I have to make another set and plan to do a tutorial