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Welcome to my office! .. Finally! I never thought this office redo would take me a year, but here we are a year and some change later. Worth it? Yes. Exhausting? Yes.

Welcome to my home office!
Office built-ins

As many of you know, Vlad and I own a moving company Georgia Home Movers in Atlanta. We both hold positions within our company. My responsibilities have always been easily done remotely, so I chose to work from home. We opened the business four years ago, and it has been growing rapidly ever since.

Our home office started out in ok… not terrible… just ok condition. The problem I saw with the original set up was a waste of space. In my past life I designed and built cabinetry, so I think that the lost potential I saw in here drove me crazy. It was laid out exactly opposite of how I saw we could use the space most efficiently. When my eldest daughter started school and we needed more dedicated work space, I knew we had to make our office function for the whole family.


The desk shown above went to our real Georgia Home Movers office so it wasn’t wasted! I’m definitely an advocate of reusing things as much as possible.

The room is rectangular shaped, so I used the long wall for the cabinets and left all the other walls open. I knew this space needed both work and personal storage, art supply/ office supply storage, and an area for the kids to color and work on things. The biggest storage change with the layout is the cabinets extend to the ceiling, offering more storage in the same foot print. I also opted for a round table vs. desk allowing for more people to sit in the space.

The cabinets took me a few months to pull together, and the rest of the room even longer. I felt like I would never finish for a while, but now that it’s done I’m loving it so much I forget the pain. Kinda child birth-ish vibes if you will.

Priming the base cabinets last year

Maybe I’ll even do a room redo by myself again one day… hahahah. Not. I probably won’t.

I started sharing the process to build the cabinets and never finished with the chaos that was last year. I’ll complete that series now that the room is all done. Stay tuned!

Paint Colors

Cabinets – Fusion Mineral Paint in color Homestead Blue

Walls- Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Wallpaper – Holli Zollinger Boho Tile Dots Wallpaper

Decor Sources

My favorite decor item and heirloom set are these darling classic books. Alice in Wonderland has been our night time book lately and we can’t wait to read the rest. (The set is the Wordsworth Collector’s Editions) in the most gorgeous colors. // Amazon Affiliate Link to purchase book here .

My dress happened to match well with the decor today so naturally, I snapped some shots while working and cleaning up. I’ll link it along with my shoes. It’s super flowy and comfortable for hot summer days!

This side of the room has a chalk board painted on the wall with chalk board paint. The frame is built using a piece of trim from Home Depot. We practice sight words and the kids love to draw over here.

Console from Christmas Tree Shops And That

This console was in our basement sitting with no use. I liked the wood tone in the room, so I grabbed two tension bars and some fabric to hide the contents on the shelves. It’s perfect to store wrapping paper and other random items for gifts. I got the Grecian planter from Anthropology and I think it adds so much character with minimal effort. I’ll link it here . It would make a great gift.

Color changing LED lights

I found a pack of battery powered LED puck lights from Walmart that stuck in all the right places. 😉I love the ambiance they add and how simple it is to add a sticker to hang them! Shown with their blue color here, but they can be white or 5 other colors.

I’ll link the LED puck lights here.

The ginger jar lamp and ginger jars on the top shelf are from At Home Store. The baskets are from Target, I’m using the large one as a trash bin. I have art and office supplies in the glass jars for functional and pretty storage.

This rug is from Boutique Rugs and is actually considered an outdoor rug. I like that it will be very durable where the kids are messy and creative. Its called the Lansvale Rug and this is a 7×10.

I enjoy working in this space and my kids have been enjoying it as well. It took a ton of effort to bring my vision to life, but I’m so happy I saw the potential this great room has.

I have so much more to say about this room! Ill share more about this room in posts to come, if you have any questions about this space I can answer feel free to ask.



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    Loved watching this space come together. Definitely taking notes as I redo my home office.