Affordable Wall Sconces

Add a sconce or two to your design and it’s immediately illuminated, pun intended. Especially, after I found the trick for the battery powered LED lights attached to a sconce that is NOT attached to power. Now it doesn’t feel so strange having a random light fixture that isn’t actually working.

I just love how much character the brass sconces add to these open shelves.

No electrical? No worries! You can grab the battery LED lights at any store and can use a rubber band to hold it in place. Many come with a remote too so you can operate your sconce hands free.

Now here is where I share all the amazing lights I’ve found lately!

My favorite for shelving is the set I used in our office seen here. I like how they can adjust up and down and also side to side. These would be great for a bedroom lamp too.

Office Wall Sconces

I recently updated our bedroom and I searched endlessly for a set of wall sconces to go beside our bed. I ended up not using a sconce at all, but in my search I found a ton of awesome options for lots of different styles and functions.

Shop all the sconces in one spot: click here. Or shop the sconces individually using the number below.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. |

Each sconce has such a unique style to it, while also adding classic and functional design. Sconces can be really expensive so I always get excited finding affordable options in styles I love! I hope you find exactly what you need to elevate your next design too!



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