Screened Porch

In this post, take a tour of our screened porch with some FAQs and information about the construction and design choices.

Looking for a quick link to a product seen on our porch? Find it here!

For the rest of you, a screened (screen’t -for those looking to properly pronounce in southern dialect) porch is a necessity come mosquito season in Atlanta. It offers protection from serving yourself as a buffet to said mosquitoes, and also a great space for outdoor hanging where food, people, and pets are better protected from the bugs. Many bug related complaints here, that is correct, but with a screened porch that has been properly secured, bugs become a minimal annoyance. The heat in August? Still trying to survive that.

FAQ #1: How big is your screened porch?

Usable flooring space 13′ x 19′

Striped Floor

Over time the unfinished floor on our screened porch got majorly dingy. I decided to act on a design idea I saw years ago, implemented a bit differently, a gorgeous party room had stained light and dark wood in a stripped pattern I just loved. Here I decided to use paint because I wanted an impact of color.

I chose two Fusion Mineral Paint colors, (Find them below. )

Stairs painted with Fusion Mineral Paint colors Victorian Lace and French Eggshell

Our porch trim is painted Alabaster Sherwin Williams. Our house exterior color is Anonymous Sherwin Williams.

Shop Porch Essentials

Every project I bite off seems to eat me alive these days. I estimated a week, and about two weeks later I was wrapping up. Not full time work however, many snacks and interruptions were had along the way because kids were home on summer break. I also do not recommend August as a proper time to be outside painting a hot porch. It was covered so the paint behaved, but wow I was so hot and had to take many breaks along the way. I want to personally thank my soda stream, it kept me going and its that constant drinking that got me here. 😉



No matter the hard work put in, and poor time estimations on my part, I LOVE IT! I love the colors and fun vibes the stripes are adding out here.

I was so on the fence on whether or not it would be the right choice, but now I am so glad I took the plunge. It made the outside feel very much like a resort instead of boring backyard!

Stripped porch floor, bright colors. Adding interest to our screened porch with paint.

Feels like an entirely brand new space out here. The power of paint is really amazing! Would you ever paint a floor striped? Answer in the comments!

Want to recreate this look on your porch?

Find quick links to the products I used, would use, or am loving right now to get this look too!

These lanterns have floated around our house for a while, I hung them using a shelf bracket to give it a custom look. I found a similar lantern at Walmart!

Screened porch, painted floor, side view, lanterns, floor lamp

Porch Stairs

I saw an idea using black and white stripes on stairs and loved it. For this project, I laid out the lines with tape. My outside lines are 2″ in diameter and the middle is 24″ wide. Your stairs may be wider or more narrow so adjust measurements accordingly for similar spacing.




To seal the paint I used a non-yellowing Polyurethane that simply wiped on.

Tough Coat Gloss Wipe On Non Yellowing Polyurethane

Porch Ceiling

Our ceiling is stained wood, creating a warm and cozy feel. It is constructed with V-groove, pressure treated pine. The pieces lock together like a puzzle as they go up. I used a Minwax Stain in Provencial to finish with a Polyurethane to seal it.

FAQ #2: What type of wood is on the ceiling?

V- Groove Pressure Treated Pine

FAQ #3: How did you do the screens?

We had to recently replace a damaged screen which gave me an opportunity to show how this is constructed. A custom screen with a metal frame is inserted in between two sets of 2″x2′ blocks. One set to the outside of the porch and the other inside. Here Vlad is removing the inside blocks to access the screen.

The metal frame and screen can be seen here. It has been screwed into the blocks to the outside of the porch and the inside ones will be inserted on top to hide the metal screen frame.

The 2″x2″ wooden blocks cut at 45 degrees are inserted like a picture frame. The screen frame is hidden and the wooden blocks just seem like part of the porch.

Would you consider painting your porch striped after seeing this?

What other interesting finishes have you seen on porches?

There is not much better than a relaxing moment outside, without getting eaten alive by bugs! This screen porch update is one for the books!



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