Home Decor That Doesn’t Break the Bank 

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, you don’t have to break the bank on home decor. Sometimes I see something beautiful and then immediately fall over from price shock. The reality is home decor is about you, if it stresses you out trying to afford something find a similar alternative that will create a similar vibe without killing yours. 

One of my favorite decor tips is to hit up clearance aisles and thrift stores for “good bones” on the low. What I mean by this is it may be the wrong color or have a minor defect but spray paint and super glue fix mostly everything. 

This mirror was only $25 and it’s hard to tell but it’s huge and well made. It’ll be painted but could be an easily missed decor essential in the rough. 

I’ll find a spray paint color I like and paint many items for the room decor the same so it looks like it matches. It can really be described as a hodgepodge approach but really works since the color will pull it together. 

It’s surprising how much good stuff is thrown out or put into the clearance area when it’s still very salvageable. 

Check out grocery store’s and drugstore’s decor areas it’s usually affordable and they buy to sell quickly so it’s typically pretty stylish and priced well in an effort to move it! 

I got these really beautiful dishes a few years ago at Kroger! 

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