Dining Room

Our dining room is rather small for the scale of our house but it’s very open. The most that is done in here is eat so the size is perfect for that. This table expands but so far we haven’t needed it. We can fit 3 people on each side of the bench and 2 at the heads of the table. 

Dining Room Sources 

|1.  Rug | 2. Dining Table | 3. Bench |          |4. Chairs | 5. Chandelier |


The rug is my favorite, Target. It’s not super thick but it’s gorgeous and has held up well!  I love the pattern! 

The chairs are denim! Yes, like jeans. I love them they are bright but like jeans they have a neautral quality to them. 

These fabulous chargers are from Decor Steals. The napkins and table runner are from Tuesday Morning. The napkins are ruffled and so pretty. The throw pillows are from At Home Stores. 

Our hutch is a built in design and built by our company. It is painted with Sherwin Williams Alabaster and has seeded glass doors. 

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  1. 8.17.18
    Jennifer said:

    beautiful! Is your dining room paint color also Amazing Grey?

    • 8.17.18
      queenofthepalas said:

      Before we shiplaped the dining room it was Wool skein by Sherwin Williams. Now it’s not painted anything yet. The shiplap came just white and we haven’t changed it yet. ❤️

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