DIY Lace Teepee 

My husband’s love of lace is not quite as enthusiastic as mine, so I have to keep my lace affair mostly limited to my clothing. God knew what He was doing giving me little girls because now I have excuses for ALL the lace!

I found so many cute teepees but it came down to this style of lace teepees

Houzz Teepee

This one is available for purchase from Houzz and there are also many beautiful options on Etsy. These are beautiful teepees and will definitely be a better overall quality with a sewn panel. However,  for around $50 this DIY teepee saves you some major change!

The materials you’ll need:

  • 4 wooden dowels– can be purchased at any home improvement store (I bought mine at Home Depot– the dowels with the thickest diameter so the framing of the teepee was strong) The taller your dowels, the wider your teepee’s area will be.
  •  String or yarn– string would probably be strongest and easiest to thread I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • Ribbon
  • 3 lace curtain panels- I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I don’t see the exact print online but it may still be in store. There are a ton of beautiful ones online too check them out here.
  • Scissors
  • Drill and drill bit (large enough the string or yarn can go through) Amazon has some great tool options.

The teepee construction is straightforward.

  • 1. Start by carefully drilling a hole through each dowel about an inch below the top with the drill bit.
  • 2. Next pull yarn or string straight through all four dowels.

  • 3. Work it around the tops in a figure 8 pattern as you form the teepee shape. The string has to be taunt from beginning to end to be strong enough to hold the four dowels. As you wrap try to extend the dowels out little by little which helps to secure it all in the correct teepee shape.
  • 4. Once it seems like enough string to be secure wrap it around the entire outside a few times and tie it off, still holding it all very taunt. It can be messy looking it will be covered.

  • 5. Grab your lace curtains and do some hands on measuring by holding them up and see if they need to be cut. I took around a yard off the bottom of both and put it aside. It doesn’t have to be exact it can be draped along the bottom but shouldn’t be too short.

  • 6. Take your lace curtains and run a ribbon through the pocket hole as though it were a drapery rod. Tie the string into a bow to keep it all together.

  • 7. Drape one curtain panel over the top of your teepee using the ribbon to secure it. If needed untie your bow and tie is tightly to the teepee.

  • 8. Do it again for the other panel but on the opposite side.
  • 9. Next take a piece of cutoff and drape it over the top so it’s hanging evenly around covering the string and ribbon.

  • 10. Next I took my third panel and tied the ribbon around to make a bow in the front but the curtain panel draped down to cover the back middle section of the teepee.

  • 11. If needed adjust the teepee legs outward to make it more level and secure. Adjust the panels evenly to cover any holes.

*I added a ribbon garland for some extra color when I used it as a photo back drop.

I didn’t really mean to but started a tradition of doing my girls 1st birthday photos with the teepee.

Here is the setup from my eldest daughter’s first birthday.

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