Farmhouse Basket Shades DIY

Hindsights 20/20. Yada, yada, yada yada.

We all know the feeling; “I would have done it this way, knowing what I know now.” I try to make informed decisions to avoid this inevitability of life. However, no one is as smart as their future self; so, knowing what I know now, I would have never bought pendants lights for my kitchen with glass. Why you ask?

  1. Cleaning. A small round object can’t be that hard to keep clean. Wrong! Everything sticks to these globes and they are impossible to remove all the streaks. Impossible, I tell ya!
  2. The opening to the globe is for a tiny hand. I have a small hand! Apparently not a tiny hand, but small nonetheless. I can hardly squeeze it inside. The result is an impossible to clean perfectly, globe (my anxiety can’t take it), but also a difficult to clean globe too!
  3. They don’t photograph well. This isn’t as big of a deal as the first two. I actually like them, clean obviously, in person so a picture is a small annoyance.
  4. Finally, opportunity cost. Everyday I stare at these dirty, dusty pendants is another day I loose with the perfect shade.

In order to preserve my marriage, I did not ask to replace the pendants that are less than 2 years old. Scouts honor, I didn’t mean to pick the most annoying pendants ever, but there they are constantly making my clean kitchen feel streaky and dusty. 😩

I needed a solution! I have been pondering and pondering to no avail! Then when I found a pendant with a basket type shade I felt the inspo flood in. Basket shades would look great in my kitchen!

I found a bushel basket initially, and a Pinterest picture to confirm my inspo. It was gonna be perfect until Michaels only had one basket I needed. I have two kids, taking them to store is the equivalent of the anxiety the pendants give me. I dragged my two kiddos to the store twice looking for these baskets all the while they have them as displays! I asked if I can just buy them since they are out and they wouldn’t. Not cool. I still like the idea of them and I guess since it’s a cheap fix I can experiment if I ever want to.

As a result of being annoyed searching I found an alternative that I think I like ever better.

These baskets have a lot of texture and are a great size and shape. I got them at Michaels for  50% off  $29.99 or around $15 each. $45 for the update. I couldn’t even buy one new pendant light for this.
I wanted to spray paint the metal on this basket because our existing fixture is oil rubbed bronze and I wanted it to match. I only had this can of Charcoal Rustoleum chalk spray paint lying around and the color was a decent match.

I used a wire cutter to cut the center of the bottom of the baskets, in a circle. I did this so it would  slide onto my exisiting pedant. I used the fabric to create a border and conceal the sharp edges that were cut.

The edges will be sharp so be very careful! I used hot glue and the existing fabric to cover the edges. I just folded it over the sharp point and hot glued.

Once my shades were ready I removed the glass shades, carefully, so I can use them in the future if I change my mind. (Not happening!)

My shades went on very easy with the pendants. the circle I cut out fit around the bottom of the light and stayed. Depending on how your pendant is you may have to attach it somehow.

I love how they turned out, they changed the whole feel of our kitchen! 

Here is the before: 

And the after: 


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  1. 11.5.17
    Michele Arnold said:

    Omg! This is so how I feel about my pendants!! They are huge clear glass and I never turn them on because you can see all of the dust and streaks!! They are only a year and a half old! You gave me hope that I can change them without making the hubs mad! Lol.

    • 11.20.17
      queenofthepalas said:

      Yessss! Goal achieved. My husband was still like really?! But he’s living with it. Haha

  2. 3.11.18
    Dawn said:

    Do you worry about the heat from the bulbs near the fabric?

    • 3.12.18
      queenofthepalas said:

      No these lights have a metal ledge kinda thing the basket is sitting on. The basket doesn’t touch the bulb, and either way I have a lower voltage bulb than the max allowed. 😀