At Home Gel Nails 

Nails are written in bold and underlined on #423 on my to-do list. So essentially, in the “ain’t happenin'” section. 

Do I enjoy getting my nails done? Of course! 
Do I have time to go every two weeks? Ha! 

Do I find it to be a financially firm decision? Nope. It’s super expensive and literally grows (or chips) too fast for my frugal heart. 

Occasionally, my daughter and I will have a paint our nails party. For her nails, I exclusively use Sally Henson instant dry polish. 

It is super fast drying, and there are a ton of color options. It doesn’t last very well for my nails, which doesn’t matter for a 3 year old. For my almost 30 year old nails, half chipped off isn’t as endearing. 

Occasionally, I’ll go splurge for a manicure but for the most part I have nakey nails. 

I’ve seen some other people talk about at home gel manicures.  At first, I was like, woah, way too technical– I’ll pass, but over time, and quite a few regular -polish manicures that lasted 20 minutes, I realized how genious those peeps were! 

For the same price as one gel manicure at the salon I got a few colors and Uv dryer that I can use time and again. 

Here is the dryer I purchased. I like that it can be folded to be compact for traveling. 

A few guidelines to consider before ordering your gel nails pack: 

  • You must be decent at painting your own nails and adhere to the steps of getting a gel manicure. (Or have someone around that is decent at painting your nails.) 
  • If you have never had a gel manicure before, you may want to go treat yourself and learn about it before you put some hard to remove paint on your claws. 

Amazon offers a ton of cool packages and lots of colors to choose from. 

Don’t forget to get the top and base products as well.

Below shop some of the best ones i found and all the accessories you’ll need for your manicure kit. 

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My first at home gel manicure was quick and painless. In about 10 minutes I had a fresh coat of polish on my nails that will hopefully last two weeks or so. 

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  1. 9.21.18
    Christie said:

    Do you still recommend this gel set?

    • 9.21.18
      queenofthepalas said:

      Yes! I tried dip nails at the salon so I’ll be doing that more but at home this is the best way to go!

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