Faux Basket Pendant

This may be the easiest DIY I have ever done. 

I saw some awesome baskets at Joann’s Fabric and loved the shape and pattern of the weave. It screamed light pendant to me. There are so many ways you could even add light without wires. Small string lights or battery operated pick lights could be attached to make them operational. 

All the materials and equipment I used for this project was:

  1. Basket (s)
  2. Rope (mine is 1/2”) 
  3. Scissors  
  4. Command Hooks ( I used the 3lb) 
  5. Tape measure 

First take the end of your rope and weave it down and then back through the basket in even places on the basket. 

If your basket has no holes you would have to measure and drill/ cut the basket to allow the rope to go through.

Grab the two ends of the rope.

Tie it in a knot that’s taunt to the basket. Make sure it’s relatively even so the basket will hang straight. 

That’s it!! You made the pendant part! Now to hang it. 

I used Command Hooks because I’m not always the most decisive with my projects. I didn’t want to make holes and change my mind. The baskets are light weight so it’s no challenge for the hooks. I may make it permanent one day with screws or hooks, but not today. 😀

I started with the middle pendant, moved to the right and then measured for the left to make it all even. 

Easy peasy! Below I linked some basket that would work as pendants and some pre made basket styled pendants as well. 

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  1. 6.9.18
    Deb said:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!! Absolutely LOVE these basket pendants. You did an amazing job, and they look beautiful in your bedroom. I just might have to trek on over to Joann’s Fabrics One question, were the baskets already distressed?

    Have a blessed day! 🙂


    • 6.9.18
      queenofthepalas said:

      Yes they were bought as is! They are so cute! I wish I could find them online!

  2. 6.9.18
    Elizabeth said:

    These are awesome! Thanks for sharing.