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Somehow, I have found myself on pregnancy number 3. I still can’t even believe I am a mom sometimes period, let alone of 2, and almost 3.

Pregnancy number one,  I was clueless. I had no idea where to shop, what to shop for, or how uncomfortable most clothing would be as I got bigger.

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In my second pregnancy, I was more confident, but still learning so much about what it means to be pregnant. Now in the third pregnancy, I have some ability to compare, and there are a few things I can say for certain:

  1. I dislike being pregnant. Not the result (the new baby, duh) but the pregnancy. The body changes, sickness, acne, stretching…shall I go on?
  2. While I dislike all the feelings my body seems to have while pregnant, I actually feel quite beautiful. Pregnancy is miraculous and divine, feeling angelic is part of the territory. I love the bump!
  3. Maternity clothing matters. For some reason, I wanted to avoid having maternity clothing with my first. My standard for clothing has evolved. Some non-maternity items hit in all the wrong places even if they fit, and others may swallow you if they don’t hit in the right places.

Having staple pieces to mix and match is the key to easily looking fashionable during pregnancy. You may need more pieces if you do laundry less than once a week, but you could easily add more color options into the rotation. I made a quick list of what staples would be great to have in your maternity closet below.

These are my staples! To shop the pieces seen above, and in my IG stories click on an image below.

I mix and match the jeans and tops with the kimonos along with the dresses to create different outfits.

My favorite place to shop for maternity clothing has become Pink Blush Maternity. They have a huge selection of basics, jeans, and dressier options. I got maternity pieces in all three of my pregnancies from Pink Blush. I wore a gorgeous Pink Blush robe when I had my second daughter that I still wear almost everyday getting ready.

I didn’t realize there was such a huge selection of non-maternity pieces as well. They also recently started carrying children’s clothing that’s amazing.

My go to is most definitely going to be a dress and cardigan with booties this fall.

You can shop Pink Blush’s huge selection on their site, but I picked some of my favorites and categorized them below.






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