Kitchen Tour Updated 

In the beginning of my blogging journey, I wrote a post about our kitchen. Since that time, a few updates have happened in the space. The original kitchen post. That post has more construction pictures and our original fixtures. 

The updates aren’t anything crazy, I updated the pendants ( farmhouse basket shade DIY tutorial) and we have switched the barstools twice. Ironically these small-ish changes have made a huge difference. 

Our original upholstered barstools were sure to be destroyed by my kids. I mistakenly thought upholstered barstools could survive children. Wrong. Before total destruction, we decided to move them to the lake house mainly because they had backs. Our barstools are used often there and need to be comfortable. 
We basically switched, and moved the ones from the lake, the backless, saddle stools to home. We had trouble keeping our kids on them without flipping. Definite safety hazard. I think older kids could handle them, but toddlers need more structure. 

They moved to our basement for our drink shelf and are perfect for that space. 

Our current barstools are from World Market, and I love them. They are sturdy, beautiful, and clean easily. 

The World Market Bistro Counter Stools are on sale until tomorrow using the code on their site. 

Nothing has changed in the color category in our kitchen, yet. Why, yet, you may ask. Well, the colors both the stain and the paint aren’t exactly my vision. The cabinets are painted Worldly Gray Sherwin Williams, but if you look that color up it seems more gray than creamy. We checked the formula, and unless there was some mistake with the paint this is how it looks in here. I would love to go back and either paint them darker gray or white. 

In terms of the island, the stain didn’t look right when it was first finished. We used an NGR spray stain, in brown, and had to use more coats than anticipated, darkening the color. 

My dream for the island would be to paint it either a color, blue or teal, or possible a neutral like a darker gray. I can not make up my mind which way to go. It is also a ton of work to paint cabinets and I just haven’t had the energy or focus to start that project. Maybe one day! 

For now our kitchen will look how it does which is still a pretty combination if you’re going for these colors. 

Our granite is named Bianco Bono and has some amazing chunks of gemstone and is a cream with dark pieces mixed in. 
I have read mixed reviews on porcelain farmhouse sinks, but I absolutely love ours. You have to be gentle with it in terms of dropping heavy items into the sink, but a stainless sink could dent in the same manner so this applies to all sinks. 

There are many options for farmhouse sinks, but we chose a single bowl porcelain sink. 

We could use some additional organization within our cabinets, and may spend some time adding racks and pullouts. The only pullouts we currently have are these awesome spice rack pull-outs on our stove top. They are hiding! 


We had a bulky spice rack before so I love that these tuck away. 

Our backsplash is the Villa Heirloom Linen Arabesque Porcelain Mosaic from Floor and Decor. It’s just enough glam to dress the space up without being too formal.  

Our pantry is in this tall cabinet and is pretty basic. We have a few pullouts in here, but all were built, not bought. 

We used Kitchen Aide appliances for our oven and fridge. Our stove top and dishwasher are made by Bosch. Feel free to ask for more information if you want! 


Our faucet and pot filler were both great prices. There are so many choices with faucets and pot fillers! I chose this faucet because it’s easy to turn on with one hand and the temperature adjusts easily. I like double knobbed faucets in look, but for functationalty I prefer this type. 

Our cabinet pulls are made by Top Knobs. They are from their Somerset Weston collection. The larger ones on the pantry doors and dishwasher are 8” and the smaller pulls are 3.75”. 

 I hope you enjoyed this quick kitchen tour update. Now to decide what’s for dinner! 

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  1. 2.14.19
    Katie Jahn said:

    Do you know what flooring this is? And is it the same throughout your house? I love it!

    • 2.17.19
      queenofthepalas said:

      Red oak hardwoods with Minwax Provencial stain