Neutral Boy Nursery 

Being an exclusive girl mom the last four years has left me seeing all things pink and glittery. When I found out we were having a boy, I was so excited for him, but completely clueless on boy things. Maybe that was the reason it took me until the week he was due to finish his nursery. 

I found this herringbone wallpaper and loved the color. It’s neutral, but offers lots of texture. Everything came together after I found this wallpaper.  

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I knew I wanted a metal crib this time around. My girls have a white, wood crib they have chewed on, leaving teeth marks all over the top. I was hoping metal would be a little more durable. 

I fell in love with the style of this one, and the price! If there’s one thing I’ve realized about babies, it’s that they grow fast. Within three years at the very most, the baby will be out of the crib. 

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a piece of furniture used for such a short time. I also didn’t want to buy a cheap quality product either. This metal crib is the perfect meshing of my two requirements. 

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He’s so little in it right now and it’s killing me a little knowing how fast he’ll grow out of it. 

In lieu of a rocking chair or glider, I opted to go with a daybed in here. I lay down to nurse with my babes pretty often so it makes sense, and it offers the option to sleep in the nursery with the baby. It’s an awesome bed. It’s so stylish and functional. It has a trundle for lots of sleeping room. I love the color (this is the beige option) and nail head details on it. 

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The dresser in here is so lovely. It’s rustic and offers lots of storage. It came fully assembled, which is a sign of higher quality piece.

 I really love it, and think it fits so well with the nursery colors and textures. 

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All the wall decor I bought at Hobby Lobby. I didn’t really plan to have bears as a theme, but i guess it has turned out to be a “beary” woodland theme. See what I did there? 

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The bedding and changing pad cover are both from Buy Buy Baby. I’m not super impressed with the quality of it though. I loved the pattern and colors so I kept it, but I don’t like the crib skirt isn’t big enough for a standard crib. 

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The velvet curtains were moved into the nursery from our master bedroom. I bought them at Home Goods a couple of years ago. They are an excellent quality.  I found a similar option if you’re looking for some dark velvet curtains. I have the same curtains linked here in our living room, only in white. 

So far, having a little baby boy is the best thing ever. He’s very snuggly and calm. He is happy so long as he is fed, and is sleeping better than my girls did. God blessed us so much with this addition, and I really enjoyed designing his sweet nursery! 


Crib | Dresser | Daybed | Wallpaper | 

Bedding- BuyBuy Baby- Bedding Set

Wall Decor- Hobby Lobby 

Curtains- Home Goods – Similiar option 

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