Target Swim Sale

I bought my first ever bikini from Target in middle school and have never felt cooler. I have always loved Target swim and this years selections don’t disappoint.

I used to only wear bikinis and then after having kids I started wearing one pieces. Both for coverage and also because it adds more structure to hold things where they are supposed to while holding babies and toddlers. This year I want to wear more two pieces again! Having that said they still need to offer structure so I found some cute two pieces that feel like they meet the cut.

So if you prefer a one piece don’t worry I also found some fun and affordable options ! One pieces used to be frumpy and have the intentions of covering, but that just simply isn’t true anymore.

These all would be sexy and stylish options to bring on your vacation or just to the neighborhood pool.

Happy swim suit shopping, abd dont forget to use your Red Card at Target for an extra 5% off!

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