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Summer parties are one of the best parts of warm weather. The foods are usually more vibrant and festive, and drinks seem more refreshing. We have deemed 2020 to be the summer of the staycation. As a family, we have no choice but to spend lots of time at home together. Despite missing out on lots of our summer memories this year, I’ve still been able to find lots of fun ways to make memories at home in new ways.

I teamed up with Christmas Tree Shops  to throw a summer, staycation, poolside party. This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops, a store I shop at for many home decor, outdoor, and gourmet food items.

Staying home itself can be vacation level fun when you add a little extra effort. Combined with trying to find more fun at home, I’ve also been trying to feed my kids more colorful and healthy options. The two don’t always go hand in hand so I planned a “mermaid dinner,” full of healthy grub on exciting serve wear.  My girls are totally obsessed with everything mermaid so I thought it would help get them to try new things.

I found everything for the party,  the  starfish plates, pearl looking melamine plates, orange bowls, drink dispenser, shell serving bowl, and  the textured glasses all from Christmas Tree Shops. 


In a quick 20 minute shopping trip I grabbed everything we needed. My kids get excited over little things like this. They probably would have complained over my healthy meal choices if it weren’t served on seashells and starfish, but thanks to Christmas Tree Shops I have all the beach and mermaid themed supplies I needed to make a regular dinner a little more special. 

The past few times I shopped at Christmas Tree Shops I got mostly home decor related items which are all so cute and affordable, but this time I knew I wanted to focus more on serve wear items. I did know Christmas Tree Shops had an  entire section dedicated to this, but I didn’t know how great it was! They offer a ton of kid friendly options and designs too for slippery little fingers. They also had serve wear of all kinds,  shapes, and colors. More formal type options included,  and all sorts of casual options for beside the pool or at your outdoor table. 


They usually have quite a lot of adorable and festive holiday decor year round, as I’ve gotten lots of cute Christmas stuff before. Summer was no disappointment either.  The store was full of beach, lake, and water items along with decor to boot for your summer themed home. 


If you want to plan your own healthy mermaid dinner here are the foods we served at ours. I included which pieces I grabbed from Christmas Tree Shops so you can go check your local store for the same! 

Mermaid Dinner Menu

  • Mermaid Hair- Pad Thai ( Isimply followed the instructions on a box I found in store)
  • Sea Dollars – Roasted Zucchini and Roasted Squash (Wash and slice veggies, add olive oil some salt and pepper and roast at 350 degrees for around 30 minutes )
  • Seaweed- Kale Chips (Wash and tear into small pieces- add olive oil and roast at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until crispy. )

My kids haven’t stopped talking about this experience and they enjoyed all the food. They love simply things to make things fun and this party we threw at home on a Tuesday was just that. Staycation-ing can be an all summer thing when it is made so affordable and adorable with Christmas Tree Shops.

I served my dinner inside a pepper for some added nutrients, and also some added beauty too! Fun and food can be the best way to break up the boring summer we have had. We plan to do more mermaid dinners in the future with our adorable finds from Christmas Tree Shops.

I hope you’ll go check out your local store and see what fun finds you can spot. You can see my full shopping trip on my Instagram stories, and also find a store near you on the Christmas Tree Shops website.



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