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    Neutral Boy Nursery 

    Being an exclusive girl mom the last four years has left me seeing all things pink and glittery. When I found out we were having a boy, I was so excited for him, but completely clueless on boy things. Maybe that was the reason it took me until the week he was due to finish his nursery.  I found this herringbone wallpaper and loved the color. It’s neutral, but offers lots of texture. Everything came together after I found this wallpaper.   I knew I wanted a metal crib this time around. My girls have a white, wood crib they have chewed on, leaving teeth marks all over the top.…

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    Boy Nursery Mood Board

    We are only 6 weeks (or less) out from meeting this baby, and I finally have a plan for the nursery. Better late than never right?  Sources are listed at the bottom of the post.  I still am debating paint color! To go neutral or a pop of color? The room is actually already blue, but naturally it’s not the right shade so I really want to paint it.  I’m deciding between Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray – shocker it’s all over our house. It’s a great neutral. Or Sherwin Williams Mediterranean.  I decided to go with a daybed this time around instead of a rocking chair or glider because I…

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    DIY Winter Wonderland Garland 

    I was inspired by the live garland I bought last year at Costco. I wanted to recreate the same textured look with faux pieces that had more of a winter-y feel.  I used flocked garland and filler pieces that had glitter and ice effects.  The supplies needed for this project are easy to gather and would cost comparably to a similar garland. Garland can have a huge range of prices from $10 to $100’s.  The quality and look also varies so I wanted to create a full, textured garland for a reasonable price.  I bought all my supplies at At Home store, but similar products could be found at any…

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    Holiday Shop 

    Will add some some of my favorite holiday finds to this page! Happy holiday shopping!!  Hearth & Hand Stocking Letters to Santa Mailbox  Reindeer Pillow Cover  Red Grain sack stockings  Green Grain Sack Stockings  Boxwood Garland  17ft. Snowy Garland 

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    Kitchen Tour Updated 

    In the beginning of my blogging journey, I wrote a post about our kitchen. Since that time, a few updates have happened in the space. The original kitchen post. That post has more construction pictures and our original fixtures.  The updates aren’t anything crazy, I updated the pendants ( farmhouse basket shade DIY tutorial) and we have switched the barstools twice. Ironically these small-ish changes have made a huge difference.  Our original upholstered barstools were sure to be destroyed by my kids. I mistakenly thought upholstered barstools could survive children. Wrong. Before total destruction, we decided to move them to the lake house mainly because they had backs. Our barstools…

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    Fall Home Tour 

    Welcome to my fall home tour!  Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the trend in recent years of using different colors in fall decor than just the traditional organge, red, and yellow. I have been absolutely loving contrasting cooler tones; blue, purple, and teal are my go to right now.  Our porch is the tone setter for the house. I am trying to keep all our holiday decor within limits this year since I’m preggos and tired. Easy to put out and easy to pack away.  I usually like making garlands and adding lots of natural elements. I always kill mums, and fast.  This year, I decided…

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    Fall Console Table

    The fall is starting to creep in, here in Georgia. Don’t get me wrong, the cool mornings melt way to blistering hot afternoons, but, it’s that morning preview that justifies dusting off pumpkins and cardigans.  This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops And That. Post may contain affiliate links links.  At the beginning of the year I team up with And That to preview their Grainhouse line of home Decor, linens, and kitchenware. It was a fun project and I absolutely loved the line. See that post here. Flash to now, I have teamed up for a second time to show y’all just how awesome The Grainhouse line still…

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    Office Organiztion Challenge 

    At any given moment our home office may look like a mail truck crashed and exploded all its contents into it. So. Much. Mail.  We moved out of our last office at the end of a lease with plans to begin building a new one right away. Unfortunately, all sorts of wrenches kept popping up. Here we still sit, office-less.  This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops And That. Post may contain affiliate links.   If you’ve been following my stories, we are in the process of fixing this, but, in the meantime, work still has to happen. I set up a temporary at-home office, quickly and without much…

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    Stenciled Bathroom

    The main reason I haven’t done a post on this bathroom is because it isn’t finished. It isn’t entirely my fault, but I am now approaching a year of an unfinished project. Palm to face.  My first excuse is I didn’t have a ladder that worked in our super high ceiling, super weird shaped, small bathroom. Safety first people. I need to either buy a ladder that works, ladder suggestions welcome, or an assistant to hold our current ladder at the right angle while I climb to finish.  My second excuse is I’m pregnant, and shouldn’t be around paint. I’m gonna go ahead and call this project won’t get finished…