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Fall in Georgia is a little slice of heaven on earth. The humidity and heat that has been relentless all summer starts to give way (maybe melt away is a better phrase) to refreshing cooler temperatures.

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops And That, a store I love shopping at for unique and affordable finds. All opinions expressed are my own.

As a family we spend lots of time outside in the fall, this year we are all excited to have the perfect new area to relax under.

I took you guys along as we built our our “new to us” gazebo (one man’s trash, is another woman’s treasure) over the summer. My dad is a contractor and a house he renovated was removing this beauty. I quickly volunteered to take it off their hands. We built a deck for it to sit on, and a fireplace to keep it all warm and toasty.

It’s a magical space on its own, but when one of my favorite stores, Christmas Tree Shops And That, reached out to style a space for fall I knew this would be the perfect area to focus on.

Football games and cool mornings sipping coffee are definitely on the agenda here. While I could have gone with any theme or color combo, something about natural colors and textures have been my go to lately.

I was impressed with the pink, purple, teal, and blue options of fall decor and pumpkins in store, but I ended up falling for these navy plaid pillows.

It isn’t the first time a Christmas Tree Shops And That pillow has stolen my heart. I always am impressed with the affordability of their pillows, throws, and bedding.

The plaid throw below draped over the sofa is one of the most unique throws I’ve found. It’s got gorgeous fabric and is the perfect touch to add warmth to the space.

Candles and fall are two things that co-exist in unity together in my head. The days get shorter, and we seek warmth and light more than in the summer. Candles bring so much extra energy to a space. I’ve always oriented towards lanterns for outdoor spaces, until I found a wee little bowl that inspired me.

The post I did during the summer with Christmas Tree Shops And That (find it here) was focused more on dining essentials and products. We had a mermaid dinner outside using lots of fun summer/beach themed items all purchase in store.

For fall, I found the perfect, small, intricately painted bowls to hold tea light candles and function as a lantern of sorts on our fireplace. I love having items that have multiple purposes. While I didn’t plan to eat out of them from moment one, I also knew I could if I wanted to.

The navy blue Demi jar I grabbed on my shopping trip was a great find and the perfect spot to add some natural stems. I ended up grabbing some from my garden, but I saw some beautiful varieties of faux stems in store too.

Overall, I love shopping year round at Christmas Tree Shops And That and fall did not disappoint. I always find unique deals that make styling for parties, or styling just because, so easy and obtainable.

Lots of fun family nights to come out here.

I highly recommend taking a trip in to your local Christmas Tree Shops And That to see what kinds of treasure you’ll find.

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