True Life: I’m a Virgin Blogger

I have a confession, I have never blogged before. Back in my middle school days, I Xanged my heart out (the fact I used Xanga is literally a time stamp permanently on my age, but that’s  besides the point).

Xanga evolved into Myspace (Top 8 – was the hardest decision I had at the time) which then transitioned into Facebook and way later moved to Instagram.

The internet became a medium to share all my fun, smiley times with my friends and family and not so much about expressing myself. In my Xanga days and journal days before that,  I learned to reflect on my life, express my emotions articulately, and take time to look back.  Because after all those little details are the threads of the tapestry that will get lost somewhere in my brain and all i remember is the color of the rug a year later.

I don’t really think I am that interesting of a person but I do live a #blessed life and am constantly humbled that God is so good to me. So just like that, I am losing my blogging virginity. Click.

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