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To complete the title a couple of years ago I would have said “designer by day.” However, now, in my busy life as a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls the “by day” part usually turns into “by night” or not at all. I love my girls and made a choice to delay my career goals to be with them. I realize I am extremely fortunate for this to have been a choice because I know so many don’t have that option.

Having that said, a stay at home mom doesn’t suddenly loose their ambition when their child is born. Some days I feel like my brain is turning into a mush of ABC and 123 mixed with spit up, snotty noses, diapers (so, so many diapers!), potty training and as of late, dress up clothes!


I hardly have a moment to myself and when I do it’s typically catching up on housework. My husband and I recently built a house. It was such a fun process and also a creative outlet for me. We sold our old house, moved in with my (truly wonderful) in-laws and had a baby during the one year process. While our house is close to perfect, we were just ready to be done and move in; meaning there are still some remaining projects and details we have to finish.

My husband is a contractor and my work history is based in custom home design so  we have been able to use our knowledge to build our dream home for a fraction of the cost. I’m excited to share some of our tips and ideas with you in the posts to come, of course, as I find the time.

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  1. Hubby and I are interested in building one day. Do you all do home design consulting and work with others to achieve their dream home?

    1. No brand. It was custom built through our building material supplier. If you’re local to the Atlanta area I can give you their info!

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