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To complete the title a couple of years ago I would have said “designer by day.” However, now, in my busy life as a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls the “by day” part usually turns into “by night” or not at all. I love my girls and made a choice to delay my career goals to be with them. I realize I am extremely fortunate for this to have been a choice because I know so many don’t have that option.

Having that said, a stay at home mom doesn’t suddenly loose their ambition when their child is born. Some days I feel like my brain is turning into a mush of ABC and 123 mixed with spit up, snotty noses, diapers (so, so many diapers!), potty training and as of late, dress up clothes!


I hardly have a moment to myself and when I do it’s typically catching up on housework. My husband and I recently built a house. It was such a fun process and also a creative outlet for me. We sold our old house, moved in with my (truly wonderful) in-laws and had a baby during the one year process. While our house is close to perfect, we were just ready to be done and move in; meaning there are still some remaining projects and details we have to finish.

My husband is a contractor and my work history is based in custom home design so  we have been able to use our knowledge to build our dream home for a fraction of the cost. I’m excited to share some of our tips and ideas with you in the posts to come, of course, as I find the time.

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  1. 4.29.18
    Trineeta said:

    Hubby and I are interested in building one day. Do you all do home design consulting and work with others to achieve their dream home?

  2. 9.16.18
    Marcy said:

    I love your front door. Do you happen to know what brand it is?

    • 9.17.18
      queenofthepalas said:

      No brand. It was custom built through our building material supplier. If you’re local to the Atlanta area I can give you their info!