Home Plan & Exterior Selections

My husband and I both love craftsman homes so it was an instant connection when we found this house plan.

This photo above even pictures one of the two love birds, that live in the big tree to the left of our house.

This photo below was taken from the Architectural Designs Pinterest page. The specs and plan are for their home version which can be found here. Ours is a little bit different.
I still envision some rustic wood or painted gables for some extra wow factor, but we can add those over time. Craftsman homes have a ton of character. I have ideas to keep adding it over time, but this plan is a beautiful charming design on its own. 

Click the photo below to go to the Architectural Designs page. 

Exterior Paint Colors

Siding- Sherwin Williams,  Anonymous 7046

Trim- Sherwin Williams,  Shoji White 7042

Shutters-  Sherwin Williams, Urbane Bronze 7048

We were unsure where to start with stone. I love the look of both stone and brick, but then this nasty thing called a budget came and made us rethink all our choices. We ended up finding a manufactured stone product that saved us money but stil gave us the beauty and design we wanted. We used Premier Stone Products and chose the “rubble” style in the color “Sierra.”


📸 http://www.premierstone.net
I love modern gray colors, but I also love warmth. The Sierra color stone provides both.

We didn’t add shutters right away, but I felt they were missing so it was on the immediate “to-do” list.

We painted them the way wrong color at first! I knew right away we had picked the wrong color. Whoops!

We finally settled on a darker color, and never turned back.

Our garage doors are by Overhead doors, and our front doors were custom built. 
We used iron pickets for our front and back porch to avoid having to paint them over and over again. So far it’s a great choice because all the paint could used to be touched up.
The wood ceiling on our front and back porch is V-groove pine and is stained using Minwax Provencial Stain. The stone on the porch floor is real field stone and was bought from a local distributor.
One thing that sold me on this house was the layout! We had some uncompromisable requests for our home:

  1. A full basement
  2. A mudroom
  3. A room for 3 kids and us
  4. Hubs wanted master in main (I didn’t.. kids)
  5. A functional & beautiful kitchen. 
  6. Beyond those items we were up for anything.This AD house plan (73330HS) checked all our boxes. 

Main Level:Second Level:Basement Level:We considered moving the garage to the side because I’m not a huge fan of garage on the front, but then for our lot it just made sense to keep it as is. We can pull straight into our garage as opposed to making a big turn. (It’s not always just about design, sometimes the functionality of something matters more!)

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    Welcome to My Georgia House!

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    1. 3.18.18
      Ashley said:

      Love your house! What changes in the floor plan did you make to the living, kitchen and breakfast room? Thanks!

      • 4.26.18
        queenofthepalas said:

        Oh thank you! We took away the hearth room and made it into a master on the main. The kitchen and breakfast room are pretty much as is on the plans.

    2. 9.21.18
      Chris Schaper said:

      I love your front doors. Could you please tell me where you got them from? Thank you

      • 9.21.18
        queenofthepalas said:

        We ordered them through our building supply company. Builders First Source

    3. 1.18.19
      Mila said:

      I would love to see how you changed the hearth room to a master, my husband wants exactly that as well! Also do you regret it? Are there any other changes you would have done?

      • 1.19.19
        queenofthepalas said:

        I’m not able to share our specific plans, but basically we extended the space and you enter through a hallway that has a bathroom and closet and then our playroom is in the bedroom area. It wouldn’t all fit in the same space so from the front of our house we have an extension to the left that isn’t on the original plans.

    4. 1.19.19
      Neeta said:

      Hello! I follow you on IG and love your home. I need help. Lol! Me and hubby want to build our forever home but have no clue where to start. Can you help? Lol!!

      • 1.19.19
        queenofthepalas said:

        The best place to start is usually to find the land (depending on where you live… it’s difficult to find where I live.) Then you’re better able to pick a home that will work on your lot. You may find a plan you love, but then go to buy the land to build and not be able to fit it. Architecture design has a ton of plans to choose from. After you have your plan you’ll need to find a builder who would most likely be able to help you with cost estimations to build your dream home!

        • 12.22.19
          Neeta said:

          I know this maybe a crazy request but we are still interested in maybe building and would love to see if you have any recommendations on contractors or builders. We’re also going to start looking for land. We’re in the Dallas area.

    5. 2.1.19
      Denise Jordan said:

      Sorry to keep bothering you; Did you guys go with a gray or brown shingle color?

    6. 2.17.19
      Courtney said:

      You have a beautiful home! We are in the process of building a new home and making the selections. I love the front doors! What glass did you use in the front doors? I love the look of the doors, but need the privacy as well. Thank you!

      • 2.17.19
        queenofthepalas said:

        Thank you so much! That is so exciting. I just asked for seeded glass from our manufacturer and they used this. It’s much thicker than traditional seeded glass so it’s great for privacy.

    7. 2.22.19
      Ashley said:

      My husband and I are struggling at picking a plan due to not knowing the cost it be to build it. How did you guys figure this out? Did you just go by $175/sq ft

      • 2.22.19
        queenofthepalas said:

        It can vary greatly depending where you live, and the builder you choose. Yes it’s a good starting point to estimate. A builder may be able to help you get a better idea of costs.

        • 1.4.20
          E Britt said:

          Hello, do you mind sharing who your builder is?

        • 1.5.20
          queenofthepalas said:

          My husband was our builder. We stepped back from construction and started a moving company while our kids are little. My father is a luxury home builder though and he helped us a lot with ours, I can totally pass along his info.

        • 1.5.20
          Neeta said:

          I would love if we could have his info too. Is there a way to get you our email?