Resort Wear

I think it’s totally safe to say I love stripes, black and white, and functional this summer. 
Bathing suits and Momming can be a tricky collaboration. The little angels that made my boobs hang to my belly button also like to wiggle, squirm, and run causing me to actually have to move while wearing a bathing suit. The pre-kid standard for a swimmy was staying on. I didn’t have to move much, in fact, less coverage meant less tan lines. 

Now-a-days us Moms have a different tune to hum. Please don’t let my saggy, bean bag boob slide out from inside my bathing suit.  
These suits, so far, seem to do the job, and are cute. Just because the majority of my body hangs lower than before, I don’t want to be a frumpy 29 year old. 

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