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Over the next month, I signed up to do a few shopping challenges with Christmas Tree Shops And That. I kinda love a good challenge and who doesn’t like to shop? The first challenge was the living spruce I did a little over a week ago. I’ll link that post here, if you missed it. The second challenge is to get beach ready for $100.

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And That Kennesaw, Ga
Being familiar with And That, I knew I could pull off this $100 shopping challenge. They always have a huge selection of seasonal items all at really great prices. To shop And That’s summer and beach items just click here.

I had some basic items starting out I needed to fulfill like sunscreen and goggles, then the rest I wanted to get some fun items for my girls.

One of the first things I picked up in the store was this flamingo float. It can fit both my girls (it does say one seater, but they are still little) so it was a win-win for the price and dual usability.

This beauty rang in at only $19.99 so it’s a great place to start the price challenge.

The second items I snagged are the fabulous beach mats right above. They were only $6 each and I love the color and pattern. Sometimes a beach mat is more useful because the sand comes off easily and it doesn’t need to be washed. It also rolls up and has a handle, which, if you’ve been to the beach with kids you know your hands are full. Pop these babies over a shoulder and let’s go!

Next, I made my way to their sunscreen. They had a good selection, along with some brands I wasn’t familiar with. I didn’t have time to do the research on them today so I grabbed two Coppertone spray bottles. We are only going for the weekend so I think two will be enough. I spent $12 on both bottles.

I was tempted to snag that beach cart they had in the picture above too, but at $40 it didn’t fit into my budget today. I also wasn’t sure I could fit it in our car. If you’re in the market for one its an excellent price and looks super functional. You can buy this cart online here.

I went ahead and got a bottle of bug spray to have handy also. While being pregnant, its been hard to smell it so I got a tropical scent. They had all the familiar bug sprays, and even some mosquito repellent bracelets that were cool. I spent $6 on this bug spray.

If you are keeping track I am currently up to $50.

I added two beautiful, striped towels that were $9.99 each, two sand buckets $1 each, two pairs of goggles for $4, and a few other toys for a new grand total of $76.

They had quite a few beach toys, a ton of beach floats, and a good selection of beach towels at a really good price.

I decided to be really beach ready and grabbed a few snack items as well to round out my total. Two bags of goldfish, one bag of trailmix, and some super cute shell string lights later and I was right at $95.

The final items I got were these cute mermaid boogie boards that were $3 each so I actually went over to $101.  

I think it’s close enough though considering we are now beach ready!

My mermaids loved these! Now all I need to do is throw it all in a bag and hit the road!





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