Bookshelf Styling Tips 

At our old house we had two identical built ins to either side of our fireplace. They were the only display area in that house, so I had them all cutesy.  I packed it all up to move it to our new house, but never loved the way it all worked within our new bookshelf built-ins. 

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I decided to focus on this space because it’s a center point of our home. I was asked to participate in some shopping challenges where I’ll go into the Christmas Tree Shops And That store with four unique missions. I knew I could dominate my challenges because Christmas Tree Shops And That has a huge variety of decorative items in all styles. I love farmhouse and boho styles of decor. I typically have a meshing of the two styles in my home. I decided the built in itself needed a little extra farmhouse charm before adding all the new decorations from And That. 

I had great success with my wallpaper plank project a couple months ago in our dining room. I knew I wanted to do the same in the living room, but decided to use a slightly different product: a shiplap white wallpaper. 

Adding any type of wallpaper or paint would add a lot to any book shelf. In certain spaces bold wallpaper can even be a super fun option. 

It was a very easy project. I talked more about how I did it on my post for the dining room built in, find that post here. On these, I laid the paper how it came instead of cutting it into planks. 

Styling Tips

 I made a short list of some go to decor items that work great with any style, and are easy to pair together for shelf styling. Just find pieces that fit your taste in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

  • Frames- Frames are a great way to fill built ins or bookshelves in a colorful, unique way. The options are endless. I was impressed with the selection and price of frames And That offered.  As my girls grow, our photos keep multiplying creating a need for more frames. I haven’t been good about pictures in our new house. I’m trying to add more in, and a bookshelf is a great place to for it. I found these beautiful blue frames to add a pop of color and texture. We have Xs kinda throughout our farmhouse styled home and these frames are the perfect match. Shop And That’s adorable frames here

  • Baskets- I love using different textures in my designs. Baskets are always a great and affordable way to bring some texture to a shelf or wall. I found these woven baskets that may have a coastal vibe, but I think also work for my farmhouse style as well. I got two to use on both sides of my bookshelves. Shop And That’s large selection of baskets online here

  • Faux Plants– Whether a flower or some greenery a faux plant can add so much to a space. Texture, color, dimension.. all the words. Andddddd they can’t die! They look pretty eternally. I chose some topiary balls and white peonies. 

  • Lights– This must have is a little unconventional in decorating, but lights can add so much to a space. Shelves can create a shadow and the beautiful decor can be shaded out. I decided to add a more whimsical touch with string lights. And That had a ton of options of string lights, in all different styles. I chose the dainty, fairy lights and strung them along my decor pieces. Shop And That’s large selection of string lights here. 

In addition to the shelf decor, I picked up a few textile pieces. My husband likes our air freezing cold, so I always need a throw blanket. These beauties below are light fabric for summer and were both under $15. This farmhouse basket is also avaible at And That, it works great to hold the throws and pillows, and I love that it has metal weaves along with the basket material. Shop And That’s throw selection here. 

Striped Blanket 

I couldn’t resist a matching pillow or two, too. Shop And That’s pillows here. 

Finally, my mantel couldn’t get left out so I grabbed some candle holders, topiary balls, and small lantern to spruce it up to match the newly styled shelves. The prices are unbelievable on all of this and I couldn’t be happier with how my living room spruce turned out. 

One final thing I love about And That is all the state gear they have. I got this Georgia plank, but they also had some cool pillows and other location based decor items that were great, and would make a great gift. Find a Christmas Tree Shops And That store here. 


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