Gifts For Kids 

1. Lite-brite Classic– A classic toy indeed! I used be obsessed with this and it’s a great price. 

2. Customized Name Puzzle– Teach your kiddos how to spell their name with a puzzle. Also makes a cute decor item. 

3. Scooter– This scooter is great for small kids. I love that it has the extra wheel so it’s not quite so difficult for a small child to scoot around. 

4. Tricycle– Such a classic toy! It just looks Christmas-y. My youngest needs a trike, we some how don’t have one for her and this one is the epitome of an American toy. 

5. Walkie talkies– Anyone else have amazing childhood memories involving walkie talkies? I used to love mine- shaped like an OG 80’s cellphone nonetheless. These are little more modern and sleek than mine were. 

6. Hatchimal– I don’t know if everyone’s kid is as obsessed as mine with Hatchimals, but my oldest loves them. She’s never even seen a big one. She only has the little tiny ones, but hey it’s on sale so maybe Santa will give it a shot. 

7. Mini Trampoline– My girls love to jump on this thing. It’s not very big and is great for energy realease on a rainy or cold day. Also much safer than a big trampoline for small kids. 

8. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Super Chef– I honestly avoid Play-doh like the plague. My girls are little older now so I may consider letting Santa bring this into our house. 

9. Vet Kit– Kids love a doctor kit, so I thought this vet kit was also a great option. My youngest loves puppy dogs, and we surely will not be getting a real one. She can take care of this stuffed puppy for the time being. 

10. Stamp Set Alphabet– teach the kids the alphabet in a different way. My girls love to use stamps and they aren’t as messy as some art can be. I like that this set has capital and lower case letters along with numbers. 

The favorite things stamp kit is also cute and has some fun shapes and symbols to complete the gift. 

11. Tiny Land White Teepee– This teepee is super cute and perfect for any kid. It’s totally gender neutral and has plenty of room to play inside. 

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