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Fall is a season of family and gathering. As the summer warmth fades to cooler days (still waiting here in Atlanta…), the final burst of colors and vibrancy for the year disappears with the leaves. Their final display of color and beauty is always one of my favorite sights. Reds, oranges, and yellows mesh into the most beautiful and awe inspiring canvas.

This post is sponsored by At Home; a store I love to shop at for my entire home, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

In years past I have mixed in blues, neutrals, burlap, and teals into my fall decor. This color palette is a go-to for me year round and it’s easy to mesh with my existing decor. I decided to spice things up this year, if it isn’t TOO basic for you- pumpkin spice 😉and do traditional fall colors.

This jute rug from At Home was the perfect way to start my fall decor! It’s neutral and the warm texture brings a welcoming vibe to the space. I am always incredibly impressed with the rug selection at At Home. So many trendy and unique rugs at prices that make it hard to say no to a new one!

At Home is always my go to for faux florals. I do like mixing real and faux, but let’s just be real, no pun intended, the faux is so much easier and will last the whole fall season + into years to come.

I stocked up on some of my favorites blooms for this time of year -sunflowers and dried hydrangeas. Year round, At Home has such an awesome selection to choose from. I have a faux garland tutorial you may remember from last Christmas I got the supplies for at At Home.

The large orange pumpkin and white one on the entry table are so real looking! This black carved pumpkin on the bottom right lights up and is super charming.

The pumpkin decor At Home had me feeling like a kid in a candy shop! There were some awesome outdoor pumpkins like it that would take your fall curb appeal to the next level.

I think decorating stairs seasonally can be so fun! I have never done a pumpkin display on the stairs before, but the textures, colors, and amazing prices of the pumpkins At Home offers are bar none, so I filled my stairs with them.

I love how this vignette turned out so much I may have to dress up like a princess and binge on a few candy bars! Trick-or-Treat!

I have been searching for some candle stick holders, like this black one I picked up at At Home, and it is the perfect layer to this vignette. These candle stick holders would look great in a bathroom or a dining table display as well.

Another favorite item I love to update seasonally with is wreaths! They can make such an impact, both inside and out!

These wheat 🌾 wreaths are somewhat ombré in color and have such nice texture without being overwhelming. I’m loving natural and organic textures in all my home decor so these wreaths are a great addition to my season decor.

I have traditionally used wreaths with big pine cones and sunflowers, I wanted a more delicate look this year. At Home has SO many wreaths to choose from, and all at great prices.

The final decor item I like to use to bring seasonal vibes to my spaces is pillows. If you like throw pillows, and have never been to an At Home store, you are missing out!!! They have aisles and aisles of pillows in every color and texture you could imagine. They encompass every style and the prices are amazing too! Throw pillows can be SO expensive, but I have never had sticker shock with the prices on pillows at At Home.

If you are starting to think about your fall decor and need to add some items, or like me are ready for a new color palette, At Home is the store to go! You will definitely find what you’re looking for plus so much more you’ll want to take home! This is a sponsored post, but I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love this store! Outdoor, furniture, pillows, decor, so much cool stuff and awesome holiday decor. See ya in a couple hours, I’m going shopping. 👋🏼

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