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The holidays are upon us, officially, kinda. It seems people are really torn on WHEN the holiday decorating and season technically begins. The early decorators are apparently justified to defend their early decking of the halls with a newly published articles claiming in fact, People who begin Christmas celebrations early are happier, according to  scientists.

It’s proof Christmas decorating makes you happier.

If you are looking for anything Christmas go run to At Home Store and you will find so much inspiration. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with At Home Store to style my holiday home with their amazing selection of decor, furnishings, and basically anything you can imagine to use in your home. Are you going yet?

I had some extra excitement thrown into my holiday decorating this year by being able to gift my sister some holiday cash and shop with her to style her holiday home. (Not that she needs my helpI love her home!)

I already love At Home and shop there all the time. It’s been so fun working with them to use their products to style my holiday home in the fall and now Christmas season.

Remember the winter wonderland garland I made with supplies from At Home?

This is a sponsored post, and I am paid to promote their amazing selections of holiday decor. I will say it again, I love them already, and after this amazing and generous gesture to let me give a gift to someone I admired left me totally heart warmed.

The reason I chose my sister to receive this gift is simply because of how selfless she is. She is a night shift nurse at a hospital and works really tough hours

1. Because someone has to


2. She gets more time and flexibility to be with her kids during the day- how sweet!

So many service members- fire people, police officers, armed service members, and nurses & doctors have really different schedules than we do. They miss MANY holidays with family and organize their lives to be able to serve the community.

We all benefit from their willingness to live a different life. Thank them!

So in addition to my sis being an awesome nurse and Mama she is a killer decorator. Her and her husband have done a ton of work to their house, and it is sooo pretty at Christmas.

Her foyer is so festive and literally makes you feel the Christmas joy! This sled from At Home is so darling and would also work well on the porch!

This is what Santa likes to see!

She is a more trees the better kinda person which means she is a happier person, as mentioned above. That makes me a lucky sister!

She got enough garland to deck these stairs out without breaking the bank!

Plus, it was so pretty it only needed a couple bows to complete it! I love the natural elements like the berries and pine cones.

All in all, we got everything needed to deck my sisters halls in one spot!

Now to enjoy the season, unless you haven’t been to At Home Stores yet then you aren’t done decorating! 🙂

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