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When Tempur-Pedic reached out to me to work together my initial thought was actually to say no.  (Glad I didn’t.) The first mattress my husband and I bought was an “off brand” memory foam one. During our first pregnancy, I basically had to be rolled out of that bed. My back hurt, and we realized the mattress itself wasn’t supportive. We replaced that mattress, and haven’t looked back since. 

This blog post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic, a brand I have fallen in love with! All opinions are my own. 

On top of this initial thought for passing, we actually didn’t need another bed, or so I thought. I was going to walk away and BAM! That same night, the baby slapped me in the face. Like literally. We were up all night fighting each other. He didn’t want to sleep. I wanted him to. He loves to snuggle, and I would have laid right down with him- BUT- because our older daughter is on the, no cuddle- no sleep team as well, I had no where to go lay with him. In this moment, another bed just kind of made ALL the sense. I joke all the time we play “musical beds” rotating around with the main issue being only one bed large enough to truly sleep two next to each other. You sleep with a toddler in a twin bed and tell me how restful it is.

Turns out, I was all wrong and Tempur-Pedic is not like those other memory foam mattresses. I was gifted the Tempur-Pedic Pro-Adapt mattress and bed frame. Now, that I have actually slept on this bed, wow, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to myself. I was soo wrong about THIS bed! I chose the firm option, and it is so comfortable! It’s … go figure… firm and supportive,  but also refreshingly soft and comfy. I LOVE that noise and movement don’t travel, so it’s actually ideal for, and easy to co-sleep with the baby. Or husband too, let’s get real.

The bed frame itself is kinda crazy and lifts at the head and foot with one click of a remote. This would be extra awesome if you live with a snorer, but also works great for story time.

One of other favorite features of this bed is the built in LED light. It gives off the best ambiance, and has been so helpful changing diapers in the middle of the night. 

The mattress has a cooling outer layer so the bed stays cool, which helps keep you cooler. In the hot Georgia summer, this is going to be so refreshing! This cooling cover zips off too, so if you need a toastier option it’s all built in. 

If you are like me and have had a misinformed memory foam experience, Temper-Pedic is NOT like any foam mattress you may have tried. I’m SO happy the baby brought me to my senses, this new bed has allowed me to get some refreshing sleep, and has added a surprising amount of function into our lives as well. 

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