Baby Number 3- Just a Mom

Did you see our announcement yesterday?! We are having a baby! My husband and I are beyond excited to spice things up with a baby BOY addition to our family! 

Many a comment has been made over the possibility we would end up with three girls. While, we were not as opposed as some to having a little girl tribe, some change is always a fun experience too. 

I’ve definitely identified with being a girl mom the last four years, all the pink and tutus.  Now, I am just a mom, mom, I am a kid mom. 

Instead of being covered solely with pink glitter, getting rogue jewelery making beads stuck between my toes, and not only loosing the real paci but also the baby doll’s paci 929 times….  I’ll be adding mud, trucks, farts and legos to the mix. Our playroom will need a definite pink tone down too, but after my sweet Presley’s reaction to the boy news I’ll let it all sink in before I start de- girlying our house. 

I felt like I didn’t know if I would be able to love my girls both enough when I was getting ready to have my second daughter. Like there wouldn’t be enough Mommy to go around. I have had that fear with this baby again, but I know he will fit into our family perfectly. This baby boy may not have been completely planned for, but God has blessed our family immensely. I’m excited for this journey into girl momming. Now I can’t wait to get the nursery started! 



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