Playroom Update: Herringbone Planks & Faux Brick Wall 

Wallpaper has become my favorite way to update a space. I used these wood wallpaper planks for a project in our dining room and was in love with how it turned out. You can see the dining room built in update here

Our playroom started very pink. You can see my first post on our playroom here. I wanted to update for the baby boy we’ll be welcoming in January. Less pink, more neutral was my goal. 

I decided to use the remaining material I had leftover to do a little accent area in our playroom. I got these PLAY letters from Hobby Lobby to finish it out. 

To start (I didn’t do it exactly this way, but wish I had ) lay out a box on the wall with painters tape. It will help get the pattern started having outer lines. Essentially it will just be a big rectangle. 

Start in one corner and lay the wood plank wallpaper piece diagonally across the box. You could have it go all the way or create a triangle for the pattern to be more dramatic. The angles aren’t necessarily important as long as you keep going the same way. 

On one of my many trips to Target during this wallpaper process (the brick too not just the wood part) I grabbed the wrong color. There are two colors of the wood planks: a more brownish one and one with more gray. I decideded mixing them would be easier than going back to the store and I actually love the extra contrast. 

The picture above, shows all brown.  The one below shows how the mixture of the two turned out. 

To purchase the (Gray) click here: Devine Color Reclaimed Wood Peel & Stick Wallpaper – Mirage

To purchase the (Brown) click here: Devine Color Reclaimed Wood Peel & Stick Wallpaper – Twig and Buck

Around the edges I used a razor blade to trim where it needed to be. 

The final step was taking straight pieces and creating a frame to cover the edges of herringbone. Already shown in the picture above. 

The tape makes this process easier because you have already marked a straight outside line. 

Attach the final frame pieces, and you have a beautiful, custom wall sign that didn’t cost much and can be easily removed if needed. 

Brick Wallpaper 

The brick wallpaper would have be easiest to lay first in straight lines up and down the wall. The issue is, with the peel and stick wallpaper, it can’t be layered so much. I wanted the wood planks to stick straight to the wall so that’s why I started with them and not the brick. 

The brick idea also came after and wasn’t originally in my plans at all. 

To purchase the brick wallpaper click here: Devine Color Textured Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper – White

Hanging peel and stick wallpaper is super simple, even having to trim around my “play” sign. 

I started in one corner and worked across the wall. Matching the pattern can be a little tricky, hence the weird spaces left at the top. I had to cut the matching area from another piece and piece it all together. The brick hides lines very well so it’s a good wallpaper to practice with if it’s your first time. 

Around my “wood plank” I made sure the brick would be perfect aligned or long enough to slide under the edge. (The wood being the top edge) 

In order to do this you may have to carefully peel the very edges of the wood to allow the brick wallpaper to go under it. 

Once you complete all the surrounding areas and the rest of the wall you have a fabulous, custom wall without spending custom prices. 

My girls didn’t waste a moment getting acquainted with their updated playroom. 

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  1. 9.29.18
    Rachel said:

    So beautiful!! I love how this turned out, could you tell me where you purchased the white bench with the three drawers, thanks!

    • 9.29.18
      queenofthepalas said:

      Thank you! It was custom built. I’ll try to find a similar item for purchase.