Office Organiztion Challenge 

At any given moment our home office may look like a mail truck crashed and exploded all its contents into it. So. Much. Mail. 

We moved out of our last office at the end of a lease with plans to begin building a new one right away. Unfortunately, all sorts of wrenches kept popping up. Here we still sit, office-less. 

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If you’ve been following my stories, we are in the process of fixing this, but, in the meantime, work still has to happen. I set up a temporary at-home office, quickly and without much thought. It hasn’t been very organized. Not having places to store or sort everything has been driving me bonkers lately. 

We have ample storage in this space for everything home related: bills, papers to be filed, and maybe a few too many crafting supplies. When it comes to adding in all the business files, moving supplies, and other random-ness we are a little over capacity in one room. 

This summer I have teamed up with Christmas Tree Shops And That for four shopping challenges. You can see the previous three challenges below:

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This fourth, and final, challenge is all about organizing this space.

Baskets and organization have become soulmates in my book. Ok….ok, maybe organized is not always the most applicable word, but hidden definitely is. Having a spot to toss this related to home, and this related to business keeps a space feeling more organized. 

Christmas Tree Shops And That has a huge selection of baskets in various shapes, styles, and colors. Shop Baskets at And That.

I used the round baskets at the top of the desk for designated drop areas. They hide things until I can sort and file whatever the contents are. 

These woven baskets are currently housing decorative items but are easily turned over to become functional if something pops up that needs a home. 

I couldn’t resist buying a few decorative pieces, because after all it’s still a space I am in a lot of the day. The scrabble letters are so cute. I had to improvise a little because they didn’t have a “W.”

This adorable metal briefcase is the perfect spot to stuff full of papers I need to organize. It’s doing its job quite well right now, and you can’t even tell. 😉
In addition to home organization products like baskets and bins, And That offers a ton of office stuff that is as functional as cute.
I am trying to be more organized in my handling of life as well as organized in my spaces. I need to write things down more! If you saw in my stories while shopping in store, (BTW they’re in my highlights on my Insta if you’re interested) I literally said those words and then noticed a cute little “write it down” notebook. 

I absolutely love the planner I got and know it will help me sort things! 

I couldn’t resist these color coordinated supplies either. The weekend is a great time to get organized! Shop the great selection of organizational products at And That here. Or go into your local store, you won’t be disappointed. 

I somehow have been living without a stapler, and now I know it’s because I needed this fabulous gold one. So much cute stuff in store! 
I found lots more office inspiration at And That too. I haven’t started buying yet because there isn’t a place to store it during construction. However, I did want to share the furniture pieces I would pick for my new dream office I think you’ll love too! 

Dream Office Inspiration Sources 

  1. Writing Desk
  2. Rolling Chair
  3. Sliding Door Cabinet 
  4. Rug 

To shop all home office furniture at And That online click here

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